OT - What is appropriate?

scarlett2001April 17, 2007

Sorry this is just a bit OT but what is an appropriate First Holy Communion gift for a boy age about 6 or 7?


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Alot of people might tell you a nice bible or a gold cross. I prefer to leave the personal items up to immediate family. Instead you could buy a savings bond or even a giftcard to any store. Maybe even include a small giftcard to Mcdonalds so they can treat themselves. My kids enjoy that.

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Many families give money in a card. Go to your local religious book store and perhaps they can give you suggestions. He will likely get more than one rosary, so try not to get him one of those.

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Savings Bond and a small token of rememberance of the day. It is tough for boys. For my Godson my DH and I gave him a large face value bond (pay half the total face value and once it matures, he can have some savings). We also found a rosary that was masculine as well as a boy's communion picture frame in order to display a picture of First Communion Day.

Hope this helps.

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I thought there was a thread on this a while ago and I know some suggested treating First Communion just like any other celebration, and giving non-religious gifts, but personally I would highly recommend sticking with a religious type gift. I would fit the gift to the occasion, so just like I wouldn't show up with a bottle of cologne or some socks for a housewarming, I wouldn't bring a basketball to a First Communion Party.

Here are some suggestions...
Religious Books (kid bibles, books on Saints, etc.) or a nice Rosary (although they may get more than one, he can still use it). If you have a religious type store in your area they probably have a lot of stuff. Below is a link that may give you some ideas. The amount you spend would probably depend on your relationship to the child. If you are family friends but not real, real close I would think anywhere from $10-30 would be fine. It's really not a big present giving occasion and focus is more on the sacrament itself.

I fall else fails, or you don't feel comfortable giving a religious gift, I'd stick a $20 in a Communion Card...maybe a little more if you are closely related.

ps...What does OT mean? (Off Topic???)

Here is a link that might be useful: Gift Ideas

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