How far along am I?!

cylinceApril 22, 2007

I have no idea when my last period was,I think it was at the end of November 2006. My doctor heard the heartbeat March 2nd, but 4 weeks later he changed it to 17 weeks after looking at an ultrasound,now he says I'm 14 weeks! How many weeks am I??? The heartbeat can be heard around 10 weeks right? So shouldn't I be like 17 weeks right now? I'm so confused. PLus,I'm not really showing & my uterus just barely moved up enough to feel like a week ago & the quickening is getting stronger,so that means I'm at least 4months right? Any one know?

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I would think that your doctor would have a better idea than we would....

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I would trust my doctor, ask him questions if you need to know anything, and the ultrasound is a good indication of what is going on inside you.

They often change due dates as you move along in the pregnancy.

People are different sizes and shapes when they are pregnant.


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No idea...but I 'think' the heartbeat can be heard before 10 weeks nowadays. Also, be sure to remember that the weeks are often counted from the date of your last period, not your conception date so it may seem like you are 2 weeks further than you think you should be. Why don't you ask for a due date?

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OK,I figured it out. The weeks I thought I was finally matched the doctor's. I'm 18 weeks! I'm having another ultrasound next week & will find out if its a boy or girl. Considering I've given birth to 4 boys already, pray that I'll haver a girl this time cuz this is my last chance!

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Good luck, but at least you'll have all the hand me downs and toys already if it's another boy! Let us know.

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