White Macabus. How did you handle the 90 degree corners?

islanddevilFebruary 2, 2013

I want white cabs and whitish countertops without the maintenance issues of marble. Looking at quartzite and I think I'm falling in love with White Macabus. Maybe it's because it's one of the few light quartzites I'm finding in my area, but the linear grain is really growing on me.
However I'll probably have at least one corner to join 2 long banks of lower cabinets and countertop and I'm wondering bout the countertop seams in the corner with such a linear grain.
Can you please show me pics of how you handled the corner seams to keep the linear flow?

Also, how's your white macabus holding up? Anyone have it installed for awhile? Do you have to baby it (please say no) and have any etching or staining issues?


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2 options for managing a linear grain in a corner.

1. butt joint. relatively conspicious but much preferred over having one countertop with grain parallel to wall and another with grain perpendicular to wall. sometimes the grain transition is masked by an appliance garage.

2. 45 degree joint - possible particularly if bookmatched slabs are available. uses several more sq. ft. of stone but can look really nice under optimum circumstances. sometimes it results in an additional seam depending on lenght of runs.

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I have white macabus, but it is the calacutta white macabus where the veining is not linear more flowy like marble. The only seam I have is behind the sink. There is no etching or staining or problems at all!!

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Here's one that shows the pattern.

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I like how Sochi handled her corner.

I am using White Macaubas, but decided to eliminate dealing with corner cabinets and counter seams by breaking up the cabinet runs with a door to our side yard.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sochi's kitchen

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I like the method Kaysd posted, I think that's the most linear and logical. We have laminate with a linear grain and we did it the same way. Not sure if that is possible for you due to other constraints though.

And Sochi's kitchen... holy cow, that is kitchen nirvana. Thanks for sharing the link, even if I suddenly find myself feeling inadequate.

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