Hey! Ds is not just lazy; he has pneumonia!

freezetagApril 23, 2009

Was wondering why he was just lying around all the time! In my defense, he does have a lazy streak, but this time, also a legit reason for acting tired. We've both had some chest congestion, and I have been annoyed that, while I have to just go on with my work/mom duties, he is spending every possible second lying down and napping. Dh took him to the doctor, and then for a chest XRay. Feeling a little bad for missing the signs, but glad that he is not a complete bum :)

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Oh, poor guy. How old is he?

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Thanks, suzie, he is 11. I don't think it's life-threatening or anything, it has just left him sort of tired and run-down. The good thing is, he is a kid and has more free time than us to rest and recover.

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Hopefully he's still at the age where Mom's kiss helps. Sending along my wishes for his (and your) recovery soon.

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