paint a 'plastic' garage door?

karenschaeweMarch 31, 2011

Maybe it's fiberglass, I don't know, the PO's put up a kit type detached garage and it has a super lightweight door, not insulated, looks like plastic but might be fiberglass. Anyhoo it has yellowed with age. We're getting ready to sell this property and the realtor says painting it would help curb appeal. What paint to use and how?


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100 percent acrylic high quality exterior paint in satin or similar sheen. Be sure the door is very clean before painting.

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Thanks paintguy!

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Update: I painted the door with Behr 100% acrylic exterior satin sheen. It painted very well, covered in one coat except just a couple spots I touched up the next day. Looks wonderful!

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Finished product:

I might have picked out a lighter gray in hindsight. Cest la vie!

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