Help son with math

Lucy34527April 24, 2013

Anyone know any resources or websites to help my step son get better at math. He struggles due to his mother letting him play video games and doing his homework for him. When he is at our home we make him practice it but I feel he might get better at it if we found something more engaging and entertaining.

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There are a lot of fun learning games for children out there. If that doesn't work, get him a tutor. A student tutor can often relate better to a child than a stressed out parent and have better results.

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How old is your stepson? Google math blaster and see if that site is appropriate.

My kids loved Operation Neptune, which is an old computer math game. I think it is available online through a site that lets people play retro games on the internet.

If we knew how old he was, we might have better suggestions.

I think you're right, your stepson would probably enjoy math better if you found some online games he liked.

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He is seven. I will look up those websites and see if any of them engage him. Thank you so much!

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My daughter has been using beestar math. The questions are all very good and DD finds the questions interesting and challenging and enjoy solving them. I like the summary of the kids standing every week and entire term.

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