How to make my own flavored ground coffee?

arkansas_girlOctober 11, 2010

I know there are all sorts of syrups to put in coffee but what I'm trying to figure out how to make my own is, you know how you can buy French Vanilla ground coffee(or beans) or Mocha flavored ground coffee etc. Like for instance Dunkin Donuts ground coffee has a delicious French Vanilla. But couldn't I flavor my own? Say add some Vanilla extract to some ground coffee, stir, and place in the filter? What do y'all think? If this would work, how much vanilla extract would I add for a full pot of coffee? The reason I want to make my own is the ridiculous price they are charging for these flavored coffees when I can buy a huge tub of Maxwell house for less than a 12 oz package of flavored! UGH! The reason I don't want to use syrup is the sweetness...I don't want the sweet flavoring.

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Put a few fresh vanilla bean pods in a jar of suger.

You will have vanilla flavored sugar.


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I'm sure there are others on here that will have more professional and better ideas than I.

Like you, I don't want the sweetness of the flavored creamers and syrups.

I am the only one here that enjoys the flavored coffees.
So I see no sense in paying the high prices charged for them.

So every now and then I will just add a few drops of extract to one cup of coffee.

Tastes good, and is very economical.

Hope this helps.


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Torani makes sugar-free syrups, but there's still the sweet flavor.

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I add whatever extract I want to freshly ground coffee beans, just before brewing. Cinnamon and unsweetened cocoa are also nice.

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petra, how much vanilla extract for a full pot of coffee do you think I should add?

BTW, I don't want the sugar with vanilla beans is out as is the sugar free syrup flavors(artificial sweeteners added)

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I would make a test batch with maybe 1/4 tsp, add a little at a time until you reach your desired strength. I'm not crazy about flavored coffees but occasionally add a shake of two of cinnamon in the coffee ground before brewing. Vanilla is a flavoring and added last to most recipes. Tastes vary and you are pleasing your own taste buds.

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A bit of powdered cinnamon in the filter basket is good , and the black seeds in a vanilla pod are good stored in with your ground coffee.
I don't much care for "extracts" but for vanilla. Give me the real thing...

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I take cinnamon sticks and break them into the filter basket along with the coffee...

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Yeah, the broken cinnamon sticks in the filter work really well. I've also put a couple drops of raspberry oil on coffee beans before grinding them. You can usually find it where candymaking supplies are sold.

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Arkansas, I like it very vanilla-ey, so I add a teaspoon of extra strength per pot.

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Cinnamom can be sprinkled on top the grounds before brewing... to your taste. About a quarter teaspoon per pot is my dose.

Cardamon! Sprinkle a pinch over the coffee grounds before brewing. Cardamon is fairly expensive but a small jar last a long time for me... also sprinkle it on burgers and it gives nice scent to my bread.

No mixing required. Make a flavor when you feel like it and straight coffee when you don't. I get flavor worn easy so I switch things up.

: )

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Oh, forgot to mention, sometimes I like to add a little bit of raspberry extract (a little goes a long way) along with the cocoa, to make chocolate-raspberry coffee. Very tasty with a bit of whipped cream on top. :o)

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