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laurels4uApril 4, 2007

Has anyone seen Blades of Glory? Although it's rated PG-13, is it appropriate for an 11-year-old child? Need advice. I looked at website and I'm thinking it's probably a big NO until it comes out on DVD, and I can preview it. Input is appreciated.

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Google family movie reviews. scroll down to the one put out by "PLUGGED IN.COM" This site is great! Several friends told me about it. This site reviews movies in depth so that parents know ahead of time exactly whether it is appropriate for kids. It will tell you what cuss words are in the movie, if their are any sex scenes, and if so, what it shows, what is positive in the movie and what is not. It also gives you ideas for conversation with your child about the movie. for example, if kids lie in the movie and are rewarded for it on screen, it gives you ways you can talk about that with your child.

I have not seen blades of Glory, but check out this site, and it will let you know whether it is appropriate and what to expect.

I see many kids in very inappropriate movies, and wish the parents knew about this site. There are a few other good ones too, if you google family move review, but Plugged in seems to give you the most information.

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From what I have read....not appropriate for an 11 year old...language and sexual jokes. But I would say it might depend on the maturity of the 11 year old.
Linda C

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