Gazzllion bubbles

michie1April 23, 2006

I want to get my daughter a gazzilion bubbles bubble making machine but I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with this & knows whether I can use regular cheap bubles with this or is their brand of bubbles really better?


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You mean you are thinking of buying a motorized mubble maker? Whre's the fun in that?
I have never bought thegazillion brand....but frankly I can't see a lot of difference.
You can make your own....I forget the formula, but I di remember that adding glycerine makes the bubbles less fragile.
The fun of bubbles is making them!...big ones little ones coulds of tiny ones....
But $6 a quart is a lot when you can get something similar for 1/2 that.
Linda C

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Yes I am intereested in a bubble machine. Everyone has all sorts of bubble making devices they use but having tons of bubbles coming out of a machine & being able to be silly & dance around in a cloud of bubbles - what's NOT fun about that?

Anyway, I was hoping somone could tell me whether they actually tried the gazillion brand b/c I've they advertise theirs are better. Wanted to hear from an actual user.

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I dont have that brand; I have the Disney bubblemaker that is motorized. I just pour any kind of cheap bubbles into it; it's fun! (even I love to watch it - my only complaint is the motor is a bit loud.)

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We have that bubble machine and it really is a lot of fun!!! We use the cheap bubbles with it, just the regular $1 brand you can find where ever. My 3 1/2 year old loves to run in the bubbles. It's also really fun for a kids party.

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we LOVE the gazillion bubbles machine!! it's great for parties and just general fun. my daughter loves to run through the bubbles and try to catch them or pop them, and my dog loves to try to eat the bubbles! the actual "gazillion bubbles" bubble solution seems a lot thicker than the cheap-o stuff and it seems like the bubbles stay intact for a lot longer. we've used both types in the machine and that's about the only difference i've noticed.

:) jiggreen

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I have a hand held battery operated bubble maker made by gazillion bubbles brand. It stinks. From the first use, it leaked and dribbled and generally didn't work right. I thought it would make my 3 y/o's day, but we were disappointed.

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I have the motorized motorized machine and you can use the cheap bubbles but the gazzilion bubbles really do work better you get way more bubbles then the cheap ones and the cheap ones break alot faster then the gazzilion bubbles.

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I'm thinking Lawrence Welk! I feel a polka coming on...

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