I need help with my kitchen wall color and my cabinet color!

lkp0054March 20, 2013

My husband and I are in the middle of renovating our first house, and I am stuck on my kitchen. I want to paint the kitchen cabinets, but I'm not sure what would go best with the current color on the walls. Should I paint the cabinets a dark espresso, or should they be white? Or, should I completely change the color of my kitchen walls? The color on the walls is Valspar's Irish Cream. I need a lot of help so i hope someone on here can answer my questions!

Thank you!

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If you don't get a lot of responses here, try posting on the Home Decorating forum.

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My personal opinion is that you do NOT paint the cabinets expresso, but white. You will never regret painting them white as it's a beautiful blank canvas, you can add accent colors on the wall or accessories. It is cheap and easy to change wall color - much more difficult and expensive to paint cabinets.

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IMO- While I agree with 82mainstreet about painting cabinets white and not expresso, I also believe you won't be happy unless the color combo pleases you.
- First, what do you want to accomplish? Are you intending to live in the home for a long time? Or are you painting for resale?
- If you are painting for resale, then classic white for your cabinets is your best choice. It has wider appeal. A future owner will find it easier to change the wall color than the cabinets.
- If you are planning to stay in the house, you can be more personal in your color choices.
- But be wary of fads, especially when painting cabinets. It is much easier to paint walls.
From your photo, it looks like your cabinets are nicely finished wood. Personally, I wouldn't change that unless they are damaged. I would just update the wall color, but that is just my opinion.
If you do paint the cabinets, don't be swayed by fad colors. I would still recommend white or maybe a pale cream. That way, if you get tired of your color combo in the future, you only have to change the walls to update the room.
- Unless you are changing your appliances and flooring, very dark cabinets will probably make your kitchen feel overwhelmingly dark and warm.
- Consider your lighting and how you want your kitchen to feel. Does your kitchen feel too warm or too cool when your work in it?
- White will give your room a light and airy feel especially if paired with cool blues and greens.
If that seems to make the room feel too cold, white or cream can be warmed up with a bright wall color like apricot, lime green or turquoise.
Try looking through magazines for color combos you like...or look inside your own closet for colors that make you feel good.

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I would say a nice soft creamy white such as BM Bone White like Shanghaimom's did in her kitchen. Link to her post is below:

Here is a link that might be useful: shanghaimom's cream kitchen

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