PPG 'Commercial White' in Manor Hall?

wormgirlMarch 8, 2011

I've seen funcolors mention several times her favorite white is PPG Commercial White. I was trying to make sure this would be available in Manor Hall before I went on down to the store.

The PPG website leads me to believe that Commercial White is a certain type of base color, and that it's only made in certain paint grades aimed at builders. Is this really right, or can I get Manor Hall tinted this color? I really wanted to see it, since I was so impressed with the Manor Hall for trim.

Thanks funcolors or anyone who can answer this question!


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Lori A. Sawaya

It's Commercial White #5518-1. Located in the architectural kit in section G-1, LRV 82. :)

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Thanks so much! You are such a great resource. You helped me several years back and lately I discovered your podcasts. Awesome!

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Lori A. Sawaya

Oh, very welcome. Glad you like the podcasts. I'm behind in posting them - have three new ones to edit and get up there. Not enough hours in the day, you know how it goes!

Thought of something else too, if "Commercial White" confuses anyone it has another name, "Delicate White" with a different number 518-1.

There is a difference in the two formulas. Commercial is slightly more grayed than Delicate -- but that difference is really, really hard to detect unless you know it's there.

The difference in formulas has to do with which base you choose too.

Both Delicate and Commercial are great whites for trim, etc.

I always just ask for Commercial White and haven't had problems.

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It was no problem to get either. Turns out that "Delicate White" is untinted white base (at least in Manor Hall). "Commercial White" has a point of brown in a quart. "Slightly more greyed," the paint guy said, echoing your words. I got a quart of Commercial White, and it's still extremely bright white - as white as my bathroom fixtures. Before committing to a whole-house trim color, I might try a softer one. What would you say is closest to EK "Snow" in PPG, funcolors? (Their consumer white card is totally unhelpful, omitting most of the good ones.)

I should add that Paul at Lakewood Hardware in Tacoma (where they carry PPG, Devine, Martin Senour and Pratt & Lambert) is extremely helpful. When I dug out the painting stuff, I found a couple sample boards - one of EK "Green Apple," and one of his match to it. It's very close - he did a great job with the match - but the EK is soft, whereas the PPG is sort of obnoxious in comparison. It was a really good demo of full spectrum vs standard tints.

I am considering having him try and match EK "Stone" because my shower splashes heavily on my walls, but I don't like semigloss on the walls, it looks ugly. Eggshell doesn't seem durable enough for the application. I might get him to do it in Manor Hall pearl. I sampled PPG "Silver Dollar," which is close but not a match to EK "Stone." Not nearly as pleasing. I bet he can match it pretty closely though, and I wonder if it will be as noticeable on a more muted color like this. If only EK came in Satin... sigh!

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Or I could use Aura, it just dawned on me. But don't they have a hard time matching colors into Aura?

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Lori A. Sawaya

Brand and grade doesn't really matter when it comes to color matching.

Once you step outside of the "home brand" for the color, it's totally about who. Who is doing the match and how good are they at what they do.

There's more than one way to mix any color. Matching uber brands like EK is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. It's the exact EK formula that produces the special experience of color that she puts in a can for you to buy.

Are there color formulas that get close to hers? Of course. Many colorists can get close but the odds of them striking gold and duplicating drop for drop EK's formulas would be like them finding that proverbial needle. Could happen. Not likely.

And while the "matches" may be close, no matter how you cut it it's still not the exact same experience.

So this is the decision folks have to make. Do you want to buy a product or an experience? You can get the product from any decent colorist, but you can't get the experience from anywhere but the original source.

Commercial, not Delicate, is closer to Snow.

EK can have Akzo Nobel mix her colors in a range of their products. Call her and ask what they're offering these days that would be a good fit for your shower project. No doubt there is a product that would be your solution and you could get the EK experience as well. Not convinced you have to choose between one or the other.

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Oh, I know full well it won't be the same color, but I didn't particularly want to pay an extra formulation fee to have her formulate it into satin, or kitchen & bath paint. Perhaps I should ask if she already has, though. I am moving out of this house, selling it short in fact, and really don't want to put money into it. But would hate if drips immediately formed on my freshly painted shower wall, which I painted for my own satisfaction of finishing the job (it's been torn apart and half-painted for four years.) Whew, TMI. But the point is, I would make a different decision if I were staying here longer. Thanks for your suggestions!

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I emailed to ask if she happened to have a formulation on file for Stone in another finish... unfortunately, no. She was all "you should be fine with eggshell" but honestly, the water (and soap, and conditioner) sprays directly on the walls! The semigloss I've had on there has held up beautifully, but it sure looks ugly. I think I will go for a non-full spectrum match, and yes, I am not getting the EK experience. Which is even stupider considering I put EK on the trim. But, I have to put up paint I feel is the right formula for the usage.

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Solved the problem. I decided to paint a "shower stall" in my trim paint, Rainbow Fog, basically extending the tile to where it *should* end. I'll paint the rest of the room in EK Stone in eggshell. Yay!

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Lori A. Sawaya

I don't think it's stupider to use full spectrum and regular paint in the same space. Actually juxtaposing the two *flavors* of paint can be quite interesting. Nothing says all full spectrum is the right way. There is no right way really. It's about what makes the most sense and is the best fit for your project.

Glad you worked everything out - sounds good.

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What I was thinking of doing in the future is painting trim with Manor Hall (because it's such gorgeous trim paint, it levels beautifully) and using Full Spectrum on the walls. I actually really do like the trim that I did in FS though, it's very changeable depending on what it's next too.

And the shower "stall" is interesting. I wish now I'd done one around the sink area too, would have been interesting to repeat the design. I will post a pic when I get a chance. Thanks again for your input!

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