Primer necessary? Lifespan of primer?

tom418March 29, 2012

I have just fished some electrical cables using those flexible drill bits. Some of my drywall openings for electrical boxes have exceeded the 2 by 4 and 4 by 4 size, and resulted in my having to drywall patch with compound.

The compound came out great. But, I need to paint and want to know:

1) Lifespan of primer? I have some 15 year old primer. Would it still be good (kept in a tight can).

2)In one room, I need to match Glidden 6400 white (no longer available). I'd rather use Benjamin Moore. Should I have the color computer matched and custom mixed? How expensive is that? Note: I plan to change colors next year to Navajo White (moore's), and for now I only need to touch up around the outlet boxes. Could I buy the neares Ben Moore color, especially if I'm changing colors in that room?

3)Paintguy: I saw the advice you gave someone else. where you said it might be better to "prime" with an additional coat, instead of using a primer. It would be cheaper for me too, as I can use the sample-size paint for that too. I would have asked this question in the other thread, but didn't want to "hijack" that one.

Thank you all.

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Yea you can skip the primer as long as you are using a self priming paint and I think that most modern day paints are. Plan on 2 coats at least if the paint is washable. If you do want to use that old primer, you should strain it and stir it well and see how it looks then. If it's not too smelly and curdled up, then it's probably still good. If you have a paint custom matched, don't expect it to touch up perfectly, especially in critical light. Also, some of the sample cans are not meant to be used as real paint so they may not look perfect if you use them.

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Interesting note about the small cans. Thanks!

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