Pls help: BM 'Moonshine' or Dunn-Edwards 'Swiss Coffee'?

MrsBungaloonieMarch 5, 2012


I know these are very different ways to go with my walls but we are coming to the end of a very long, exhausting Plumbing/Electric/Floors nightmare and need to move in in 6 days.

SO, it's a Spanish bungalow with the walls and ceilings all sort of curved into each other. It will be one color for the living/dining areas and hallway.

The floors have just been ground down to the original red oak and are getting non-yellowing water-based finish in semi-gloss (it's actually not too shiny in the water base, which is grt).

Is BM "Moonshine" best against the natural light finished red oak or is "Swiss coffee" best?

I appreciate any feedback or experiences you want to share. Unfortunately, due to time and budget constraints, no changes can be made on the floor, just the walls are up for debate.

Thank you all and I look forward to your insights!

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Lori A. Sawaya

Is BM "Moonshine" best against the natural light finished red oak or is "Swiss coffee" best?

Depends on how you want to define best.

Moonshine is in the green hue family. It's very pale and it's grayed down, but it's a green. Next to red oak, its green characteristics will be even more prominent. Technically, it's a good pairing because red and green are complementary colors. When closely juxtaposed in context, two complementary colors enhance the inherent masstone of each other. Complementary color schemes are the most dynamic or energetic because of the hi level of hue contrast.

Swiss Coffee is likely going to show more creamy. Depending on light sources, could be almost a buttercream. SC is probably the more classic choice for a Spanish bungalow. Classic doesn't mean more *correct* it just means classic, no more no less. Contrast would be less than Moonshine, the red oak would be less pronounced.

Both would work as neutrals with future additions, elements to the room.

If you've tested and both colors render nicely in the space, it might just come down to picking the one you like best.

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Funcolors, thank you sooo much! This is really sound advice and detailed and just makes sense. Thank you :)

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Lori A. Sawaya

MrsBungaloonie - love the name. You're welcome. Some days I make sense and others maybe not so much. ;)

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Fun colors - I would like your opinion on my recent post on the Home Decorating forum. It reads bathroom paint ... Hate it! Could you please comment And give me your opinion on color choice?

I never thought pain would be so difficult.

Mrsbungaloonie - I like Swiss coffee!

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Lori A. Sawaya

Aww, ruf, so sorry the b-room paint color didn't work out. I'll go take a look.

Choosing paint color is not always an easy task. So, it's not just you. :)

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