Uses for leftover granite?

beachmom42February 8, 2011

What do you do with your leftover granite after puttting in your counter? I was told I should have them make me a cutting board with some of it? Any suggestions??

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I think a granite cutting board would be pretty heavy, not to mention tough on your knives. Some people have added a rotating bottom to make a lazy Susan. You could consider something like shelves, ledges or window sills, bearing in mind that they will be heavy. Do you have a niche behind your cooktop? It could be used as the sill for that.

How much is left over? We used part of an old granite island for a fireplace hearth and surround.

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I put a leftover piece on my potting bench in the garage!!!

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hi beachmom..

We had enough leftover to for our powder room vanity..Which of course led to a powder room remodel...oh well, it needed to be done anyway!


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I used some for a garden bench.

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If it's little chunks, you could smash it and make some sort of thing... I don't know - something. The tile store near me has an entryway made up of little odd shaped pieces of different types and colors of granite, and it looks so neat.

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Like your bathroom vanity KA. Is that bianco antico? I almost went with that one! I dont think I have enough for a vanity but we'll see- My granite is being installed on Friday! Thanks for the suggestions..maybe I'll see about the lazy susan!

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Cut into small cubes, wrap in cellophane, leave in decorative crystal dish. Offer to obnoxious guests. "Candy?"

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I hope she's a dentist, marcolo. :o)

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I have leftover granite, in that it was salvaged from my house after tornado damage. Now that we're rebuilding, I'm looking for creative uses for the Labrador Antique I had in my kitchen - I loved it SO much, but I'm going a diff direction (and it broke into odd sizes, unfortunately.)

One piece is going to make three floating shelves next to the mirrored medicine cabinet in my son's bathroom. It's a very modern look.

I so hoped I'd have a piece long enough for my kitchen desk area, but no. So I have this 42" tall desk/note area in the mudroom, and I'm going to trust my fabricator to make a near-invisible seam. I'll love seeing that granite enough to overlook a seam, and it's in the mudroom anyway.

I'm using a piece of my Giallo Beach island-top granite to make a bathroom vanity that looks remarkably similar to the one kitchenaddict has! Thanks for posting that pic, kitchenaddict - now I can really picture how lovely my powder room will be w/that granite and dark cabinets!

I'm eager to see other suggestions for leftover granite myself ...

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We are going to have at least one piece made into some sort of trivet, I'll put little rubber feet under it.

Let me think about this, you could have a piece made into a serving platter sort of thing for cheese and crackers, a top for a small end or lamp table, a top for a little garden table in the yard. Of course I imagine that if one gets too creative you are going to have to pay for the fabricating.

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I had a small piece of mine made into a marker for a pet's grave. Some of my kitchen planning was for my pets' needs, and this way she got a small part of the result even if she didn't get to see the kitchen.

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How about recycling into a mosaic patio.......

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I too want to put in for the patio idea though you probably don't have enough for that. But garden pavers would work nicely! Another idea, if you have pieces big enough are garden bench tops and things like that.

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I've seen small irregular pieces of granite used to serve cheeses and other appetizers that benefited from being kept cool. It looked great.

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Love the mosaic garden patio! I have seen mirrors done with broken pieces of pottery --- you could do the same with granite, might be cool (somehow I see these things and they look great, but if I tried it, it would be horrendous).

We have a lazy susan and I really like it, I just wish ours was a bit bigger than the12" or so that we ended up with.

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Not sure what counter top material my parents are using yet, but the idea is to take the leftover and add small legs to it (probably 4"-6" tall). This will sit someplace on the counter or on the island and will hopefully blend in. My father is a foot taller than my mother and this will be used to "raise the counter top" to a height that is better suited for him. It should be able to be moved to whereever he wants to prep - either island or next to the stove. It won't need to be huge - just plenty big for a full size cutting board.

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Sorry for the hijack...kitchenaddict, where did you get your towel rack? I love it!

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You could have it etched with your street number for the front of your house, or you last initial (or whatever) for a garden stone or just for decoration.

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hi again beachmom...

No it's not Bianco Antico, but similar Delicatus White.

oldhouse...what a beautiful patio!

eieio...(love the name!) The towel rack was from Bed Bath & Beyond a long time ago..I've tried finding another, but only could find something similar online...


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I got several sink cutouts and use them for my rabbits. Domestic rabbits don't handle heat well, so in the summer I put these in the pens with a frozen jug of water on top, they lay on it to help keep themselves cool.

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You should check with the fabricator as to any charge for doing anything with pieces that are left over. The DW asked our fabricator if there would be a piece left, big enough to cut a 30" round table top and did not ask if there would be a charge. An arm and a leg later we have a very nice 30" round table top affixed to a really nice cast iron cafe table base. Looks beautiful but outside any of the appliances is maybe the single most costly item in our new kitchen.

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Thanks KA...I'll see what I can find online.

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I had two decent size pieces left over from remodel. Put one on a table base, and use the other next to my smoker cart as a landing surface.
By the way, the fabricator sanded the edges for me so they were not rough

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A top for a home-made children's table! (We did that a gazillion years ago with leftover laminate pieces.)

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I wish I had done this... my dogs would be so happy.

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