Painting old furnture

ashrob123March 13, 2010

My husband and I purchased a dresser set last year from an estate sale. It's a painted wood set but we've decided not to strip it (basically because I tried doing it and it was a pain of monumental proportions). Because we are unsure if the paint is lead or not we don't want to bother stripping it. Does anyone know of a primer that is good to use if the piece is not sanded?

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I believe that Cabinet Coat claims you do not need to sand. There are also liquid sandpapers and deglossers you could use. If it were me, I would just take the thing outside, throw on a respirator and sand it.

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I use Zinnser bullseye 123, it is more expensive then the normal zinnser primer, but it does state that no sanding is required. It has saved me a ton of time skipping this step whenever it was appropriate. Most of the furniture I have painted (also old pieces) it has worked great on so far.

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