Glow in the dark ceiling stars

lilypad22March 15, 2002

Can anyone help me find these? I had them on my ceiling when I was a girl and loved them. My kids had ceiling stars on theirs too and now I can't find them anymore to put them on my grandsons ceiling! I know I could cut some stencils and use the glow paint, but I really wanted the decals. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

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Keep in mind that at some point you may want to repaint the ceiling. Could you paint over the decals?, or would they have to be removed? Decals are a pain to remove.

My grands have the stars, but they are not decals. They are just paper with glue like wallpaper. I assume that they will peel off with water like wallpaper does. I am pretty sure that my DIL got them at a wallpaper store.

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Don't know where you can buy decals but they have plastic ones at

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I had those stickers in college and loved them!

You could make a mobile of the plastic ones that hang from the ceiling, but if you really want the decal/sticker ones try the Mall store, Natural Wonders, Zany Brainy or the Discovery store. Seems like I have seen them all over.

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My daughter got some at Walmart about a year ago in the toy department.


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You can get them for free if you have one of these products:
Look for your official online PIN number on participating packages of Pillsbury® Waffles, Pillsbury® Pancakes and Pillsbury® Toaster Strudel Pastries. Enter your online PIN number at The first 300,000 valid entries will receive a FREE package of glow-in-the-Dark Stars! (Limit five star packages per e-mail address.) While you are entering information to receive your FREE glow-in-the-Dark Stars, you will will be automatically entered in the Hot Breakfast, Cool Room! Sweepstakes. Hurry! Offer expires 7/31/02. No purchase necessary. For more details, please check out the Official Rules.

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I just came back from a business trip and as a present (I always bring my two boys and DH a present when I return), I brough a bunch of glow in the dark ceiling stars for both my DSs (bought them at Discovery Channel Store which we don't have here where I live).

Anyway, I put them up with some putty I bought at an office supply store but I'm somewhat disappointed in how well they "glow". With my oldes DS being 4 1/2 and my youngest being 18 mo., they both sleep with nightlights. The light from the nightlights was enough so that the stars weren't really visibly glowing. :-(

Oh, well...

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Try to expose them to really bright lights first, then they might glow a little stronger. Maybe you could turn off the night light and sit in there with them to stargaze, then as you leave turn the nightlight back on?

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Teresa, that's an excellent suggestion, thanks! And my kids thank you, too (the nightlight isn't that big a deal for the 18 mo old but it is for my 4 1/2 yo...

Personally, I think the stars are way cool! Something dreamy to look at as you drift off to sleep...

Thanks again.


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I was going to say the Discovery Channel store -- I've seen them there. Most other educational toy stores have them too... a word of warning though -- my niece's nursery had some on her ceiling when she was a baby, and some of them fell off and into her crib. If you kids are infants, be careful (they could be a choking hazard)! Good luck =)

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I've seen them at the Dollar General stores. I love them too. My son used to have his entire ceiling covered with them when he was young. I think my husband and I liked them as much as he did. Wouldn't mind having some on our bedroom ceiling now! :)))

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They sell stickers and plastic at Target and Walmart and Party supply stores.

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Target has the stickers and plastic ones. Found them in both the toy dept and the party favor section. Just painted DD's room powdery sky blue, and put the stars on the ceiling (the sticker kind). I love going in there at night myself. It's like a galaxy up there! I told DH I want some for our room, now! :-)

They don't seem to glow from outdoor sunlight (i.e. if I leave curtains open during the day). They only seem to get a charge from the overhead light being on for a few minutes.)

By the way, I also got her a new Barbie that is plush for sleeping with, and she has hair that glows in the dark. DD loves her new room and new Barbie!

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If you use a small black light in the room they will glow all the time especially the stick ons.I took the stick ons,and put them on my bathroom ceiling,my son added star trek and the moon.and put up some vines and flowers,added the black light over a little shelve,and you think you are outside.

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So glad I'm not the only one who thinks these are the coolest! I think I might just get a black lite for DD's room.

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we're not a lone everyone who sees my bathroom wants it in there house.

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i've heard there's a glow in the dark paint. spatters of this, say with a toothbrush, would look more like the outdoors.

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I bought mine at a novelty store called Spencer's, but have also seen them at Target and Walmart. This time of year is a good time to look for them because they somehow usually get placed in Halloween section.
We have over 200 scattered in kids bedrooms, and I just put an extra one I found over my own bed...kind of a north star.
happy hunting

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The original brand is Starscapes. My dad used to be a business rep for promoting it.
It comes as a can of glow paint, and a star map to show you where the stars go, to actually represent the patterns in the heavens.

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My daughter has these stars on her ceiling. I don't remember where I bought them. But she's 16 and some of the stars are still on her ceiling and they STILL GLOW!

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If you like the stickers you should really check out Starscapes. A local Starscapes Artist will hand paint the realistic starry night on ceilings and/or walls in your home. The finished mural is truly awesome and is nothing like the stickers. You don't even see the paint during the day!

This is not meant to be an advertisement. I just wanted you to know about an option to the stickers.

You can find a local Artist by calling Starscapes International at 480-615-7646. (this is NOT my number)

This is really way cool!

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