anyone else use a Montessori 'floor bed'?

hilmamasouthbendMarch 24, 2009

We have had our twelve month old in a floor bed since she was a newborn and she slept 12 hrs through the night since then. Over the past month or so, since she's crawling, she will just crawl to the door and cry/bang until we come put her back in bed, sometimes 4,5,6 times a night!!! OMG!! What happened? Now what do I do? She doesn't want to play or eat, she just wants us to put her bink back and put her back in bed, but that's still interrupting ALL our sleeps! HELP! Should I just let her cry? I know she can crawl back into bed!

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Why not put the bed in your room for a while? Kids change over time, and their needs change over time. Perhaps just being in the same room with you and your spouse will comfort her.

I'm a big believer in having kids sleep in the same room as their parents though (not necessarily in the same bed).

It drives me crazy when people HAVE to sleep with their dog but their newborn/kid is down the hall alone.

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I guess you just have to keep putting your baby back in bed, until she gets the message, that "this is where I sleep".

The question is "is a child of 12 months capable of understanding this"?

Why do you use this sort of bed ? Why not a cot ?

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