Drylock vs Zinsser for basement waterproofing

moonshadowMarch 12, 2009

Greetings my fellow paint addicts, it's been awhile!

Here's the deal: Two rentals now vacant, perfect time to dive in and get the waterproofing done. We've done all the typical solutions possible: drain tile, dirt built up around foundation so it's higher, that black tar-like stuff painted on exterior block, gutters kept free of debris, long downspouts to keep water far away from foundation. But heavier than usual rains in recent years has only raised the already high water table and made the issue worse.

House #1: Applied a Muralo product 4 yrs ago, had concrete in the paint. Local dealer no longer carries Muralo, so need to switch brands. Muralo worked well but has weakened over time. I was there yesterday with heavy rain and watched water pour down the lowest row of block like a trickling stream in many spots.

House #2: Some tenant many years ago applied what looks like joint compound, then painted it with a waterproofing paint. It's begun to crumble off, so DH is scraping all that loose stuff off. Some spots he's down to bare concrete, others the compound is holding tight, so is solid. Less seepage at that house, tends to trickle in a couple spots in lower row of blocks.

First step: I bought Zinsser Watertite Poly Sealant, made specifically for use where walls meet floor.

Second step is to patch wall areas with either Drylock Concrete Patch or Zinsser's Watertite Hydraulic Cement.

Last step is to apply either Drylock or Zinsser Watertite.

So my questions:

Is one brand better than the other?

And both offer various product types. For instance the standard drylock latex states on the can warranty is void if it's applied over an already painted surface. Would it still work OK, or do I need to look further? I was going to go with the Zinsser Watertite with Ceramic, but it's very expensive and being a rental, have to watch the budget. So functional + economical is good ;-) Older homes, both basements are unfinished, essentially used for storage and laundry hookup.

Any input appreciated!

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Got the answer from a paint dealer if anyone is interested.

Answer is neither product will work.
'Once a waterproofing product has been applied, any other waterproofing product put over it will essentially be worthless because it has to be able to absorb into pores of bare concrete'.

Wish I had a plan B...

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