Penninsula lighting - would semi-flush mount look weird?

rebeccamomof123February 8, 2013

Demo starts in two weeks and I need to figure out my lighting fixtures. I'll have plenty of recessed lighting but wanted to add some pedants over the penninsula and sink for some added visual appeal. I love the look of the chunky "lantern" style but they are all so large and I have 7 1/2 foot ceiling so I think it will look bad. I came accross this fixture that I liked. Would I do one centered or two,spaced evenly between the chairs?

And this one for a different look:

Anyone have pics they can share of semi-flush mount lights over your island or penninsula?

I've looked at so MANY fixtures at this point that I'm numb.

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Meant to also add that the penninsula will measure 87" long.

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Those bell lights are nice. I think you could do two of the bigger size. From my ciphering, the bottoms would be at about 6'2 or so... seems perfect esp. if you will be doing some prep there from the inside.

I'm with ya on the numb part. You look at so many that after awhile you get cross-eyed and vapor-locked.

Hey, here is the same one on Overstock for 60 bucks less. I've bought quite a few lights from Overstock and had very good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: same light, different price

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Molly Phillips

I like that first one and I would do at least two. Someone here suggested using balloons blown up to the size you're interested in, hung at the length you were thinking, as a visual to determine what you like or not. Sounds like that idea might help you out of your decision funk.

I'm cross eyed over faucets. Who knew you could turn into someone who can look at kitchen fixtures for hours on the internet?!?!

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There is something about then look in this kitchen that I keep going back to. It's got two "outdoor" onion lights spaced over a 3-seat islamd. And I love the drama of the black stools to tie in the black lights. I also plan on blue window treatments very similar to this. What do you guys think of the outdoor onion lights?

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Molly Phillips

I like them! They have a good personality. Only thing to consider is that photo has a lot of white in it with punches of black color and that sunny window. You would just need to consider what other colors you'll have in there if you're looking at that overall photo as an inspiration (and not just the lights). But I think they have a fun character to them that's not that common in many kitchens. If they speak to you, go with it - there are enough decisions to make without overthinking what you already know you love, IYKWIM.

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Thanks lovetodream! Yes, my kitchen also will be all white shaker cabinets - window sink, window alongside penninsula and triple hung recessed window bank across the back wall. So, overall, similar lighting and very similar color pallet. I will probably keep looking but if I find that I keep going back to this picture, I'm doing it!

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Rebecca--you and I are in about the same place with our renovations--I think we'll be reno buddies!

In the OP the first lights are really nice, but I'd wonder about the lights going upward rather than downward. If you are looking for tasklighting, this may be an issue.

The second light set is similar to one that I have considered also. Is there an acronym for being in peninsula lighting overload? PLO? I'm right there with you.

I like the last pic a lot!

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Those onion lights are quite beautiful. I agree with you on having the black stools underneath. That is a great look. And if you can find some with chain, then you can decide easily to raise or lower so it works best with your ceiling height/chairs/prep, etc. I like something along those lines better than either of the other two, fwiw.

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Hi Cathy - Yes, I do believe I have a serious case of PLO. ;)

I just had an online chat with the speacialist from Bellacor lighting and she helped me find this - to achieve the same look as that inspiration photo I posted:

I really like the nautical flair and the fact it's a bit more unusual than what most people are doing. I do worry that my kitchen will be cookie cutter - white shaker cabinets, stainless, marble subway backslash... I've seen hundreds of kitchens like that already so I think it's in the style details that help make it your own.

What is your ceiling height? That is my other obstacle.

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Thanks deedles! You guys are realy helping reassure me that the nautical onions are the way to go - especialy after i found these:

And the price is right with the sale right now! Question - would you do two like the photo? I think three would be too overwhelming.

Ans, here is a nice stool to pair with it:

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Nice lights and chair! The only thing that occurs to me, and I don't even know if this would be the case, is if you'd have a round shadow on the counter from the bottom of that lamp. Or, if you did, would it even matter? They are beautiful lights.

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