trying to match espresso stain

julescapMarch 10, 2012

We recently bought a new bathroom vanity ,mirror and medicine cabinet in an espresso stain. I need to find that stain or similar for a tower of drawers we are custom building for this bathroom. The stain is a more opaque stain. You can still see the grain but not a lot. All I'm finding is very sheer stains which don't match. Anyone know of a stain that is almost like part paint,part stain?

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The ZAR brand stains are VERY opaque.

They aren't GEL-stains tho...just highly pigmented REGULAR stains. If ya stick a screwdriver into some, and lift up...most of the stain still stays on the tool!

It can be called a "Wiping-stain".
Because it's pretty thick, it's easy to control the color/penetration, since >>>>>> it doesn't soak in very fast!
* For real "blotch-prone" woods like most pines/poplars, etc., this property is a Godsend!
* For YOUR purpose of a "nearly-opaque" color, you can treat this stuff like paint. Just wipe/brush on light/med. coats, and let each one dry a few hours.
* Repeat until your desired opacity is reached.
* Since it's Oil-based, thinner coats will dry faster!!
* You may have to blend a couple of their darker colors in various ratios to get your color.
* I'd suggest the 118 Dark-Mahogany mixed equal with the 121 Black-Onyx...possibly 2 parts DM to 1 of BO. The 123 Moorish-Teak could be part of this too.

* This is only the STAIN....NOT a protective layer!
* Separate products like Polyurethanes will have to be applied.
* I'd consider getting an estimate for getting your pieces sprayed. Call a few cabinet-shops, etc. This is often worth it!!
* Check their info. below...


Here is a link that might be useful: ZAR wood stains....

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Thanks so much for your info...2 add'l questions: would a gel stain also give me the effect I want? What about using exterior stains indoors? There are semi transparent house stains...I think too many vocs / additives for indoors,but my husband thinks it might work...your opinion?

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Stick to the normal INDOOR stains...that's what they're designed for!

Again...don't forget about the more important consideration...some type of topcoating choice!!! Stains offer NO protection against moisture, scuffing, etc.

Yes, Gel-stains CAN be used here. I'm just a big fan of how the ZAR stains apply! can get "Opaque-r quicker"!

I've never heard of outdoor S/T-stains being used for indoor use, although there can be SOME applications/uses. Yours isn't one of them! I'd only consider those for "purposely" rough wood uses, real "rustic" appearance stuff, etc.

VOC's from stains-
Yes, any Oil stain has VOC's. Consider though the THOUSANDS of staining jobs being done everyday. The interior effects are so fleeting that it's almost irrelevant. Open windows if any SMELLS are objectionable. I don't mind the smell OF ZAR stains.

NOTE however....VOC's and "perceived odors" aren't even remotely related!!!


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Faron, is the Zar stains for bare wood only or could they be used to slightly darken a piece of finished furniture like the GF gelstains and Polyshades.

Guess I am asking for a miracle!

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Yes, ZAR can be used over existing finished pieces.

First a thorough/even scuff-sanding with ~ 120-150-grit paper, and remove all dust.
* This enables the new stain to hold better, and gives subsequent finish coats a better grip.
* Realize'll have to "Re-poly" over the top of this new stain layer!!
* Stain by itself is NOT a wear-layer! It's COLOR only. It needs to be protected by Poly (or similar) final finish.
* Obviously...this new stain-coat will only dry ON TOP of the existing finish.


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Where can I get the ZAR stains and also the Bartleys gel stains? I live in CT and I have looked in the HDs and Lowes,Targets,Walmarts and smaller paint supply stores and can't find either!

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