Coupla update pics! And some nature, too...

deedlesFebruary 12, 2014

Well, if slow and steady wins the race, we're a cinch! Nonetheless, I have received my first base cabinet today and right on schedule if being right on schedule means a month late but lets not split hairs...

So, here is the sink base and pull-out trash which cab guy made as one cabinet (apparently he likes to do it this way for some reason). No drawers yet as they are being ordered today and then he'll do the drawer fronts to match the trash door. I chose a simple router edge to the drawer fronts as DH really wanted to let the white oak be un-fussed with. He cut and sawed this oak decades ago and now to see it take shape... I think it's gratifying for him.

Also, kind of excited to have drawers in my sink, thank you very much to GW for that idea! The pretty copper sink is sitting there thinking she's the Queen of the kitchen, but only because she hasn't met Big Girl yet. Enjoy your time in the spotlight, copper sink.

I can't believe I'm actually seeing this sink NOT in a paint program image!

And the little feet detail turned out nice, too.

Here we have the center part of the Weaver tile back splash... border tiles yet to go but real happy with how this is turning out, too.

Long view of the whole kitchen which looks really like a bowling alley in this pic for some reason. Excuse the mess but it'll be there for awhile methinks:

And for any of you that still remember back to my layouts where I was trying to find a place for my Grandmother's hutch... well, here she sits in the spot we made for her... sorry this pic is so dark, it really doesn't do justice to the old girl. Added a close-up of the painting (Spanish galleon?) on the front of the doors and the pretty inlay trim. Globes will be moving but there are just so many places to set stuff at this point, lol. Any flat surface is fair game.

I just treasure this piece of furniture and would have been heartbroken to have to give it to my sister (who would have been thrilled, sorry sis).

So, tomorrow DH heads off to get us some plywood for a temporary counter and then will plumb in the sink and DW (yay!).

I think I can see a light at the end of the tunnel... it's a ways off but I can make it out now.

Oh, the nature shot. Look at this goofy squirrel hanging by his hind feet to be able to get to the bird seed wreath.

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Your kitchen is going to be so warm and homey!! It's going to be the grandmothers kitchen that everyone remembers fondly (I'm not saying you're a grandmother, maybe you are, maybe you aren't, but my father says that my house would be the perfect grandmothers house (I'm in my 30's) and I know exactly what he means by that and I feel it's a compliment)

The sink is outrageous! It's so cool, you can't help but be envious. Now I'm intrigued about "big girl".

I think I can see where you're going with the hood (love it), and the ceiling (LOVE it.... it's really little details like this that make such an impact in the kitchen), and the wood cabinets. I'm going to have to search for some of your older posts to see what other decisions have been made. So far from what I can see, it's going in an awesome direction.

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Looking good there, and the sink deserves to bask in the glow of her own beauty for as long as she can!

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How neat that he cut the wood for the cabinets! That's a great back story

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Very nice! Cool hutch.

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Your sink is beautiful, and the first cabinet door is gorgeous! The hutch, the hood, the detail over the range - that is going to be one fantastic kitchen!

Thanks for the squirrel shot too - I feed red squirrels and birds in our yard. I love when the squirrels sprawl across a tree branch to take a nap.

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I'm always happy to see your updates. Keep 'em coming.

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Oh, it's going to be so wonderful. I love the long view shot...the ceiling ties in so perfectly with the wide wood trim at the base of the hood. Can't wait to see the tile and range in place...!

Thanks for the update...

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Let me help you!
No matter how far behind you feel you are, I'm always behind-er than you. So you're ahead of someone!

I love how this is coming together. The hood is very cool, because it's obviously there, but it's not screaming "MEMEMEMNEMEMEME!" The sink is queen, the hood is a handmaiden to the loveliness of what's to come.

Your G'mom's hutch is perfect. and you guys built the perfect space!
I love seeing your pics. Keep the eye candy coming.

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Hi Deedles, I've been on here (originally under a different name) at least as long as you, and we haven't even started yet! But I just wanted to say that your special touches really shine, even without the rest of the kitchen done - all the thought you put into the sink and the hood and tiles shows, they seem to come together perfectly. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen reveal!

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Lookin' good! Let me tell you, to have running water back is the best. Love getting updates!

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Deedles-it is coming together beautifully!

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Oh deedles-everything looks so good. I just love that sink.

Are you doing all the tile work yourself?

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Everything is looking fabulous! Love the hood and the tile and the sink with the cabs! It's been fun watching you design your kitchen and make all these decisions. Your kitchen is really going to reflect all those thoughtful decisions and is going to be one of the nicest on GW. You're going to LOVE your sink!

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magsnj: Big Girl (so named by a fellow GW-er) is my green vintage Chambers stove. Late 40's/early 50's. She's the Queen.

DH is doing the tile and the handmade tile is proving difficult for him.. makes him nervous. He had the border up but one corner was off and instead of moving it, he just scraped them all off to do again another day. I think he wants me to do it since it's kind of a special thing... if it's wrong, better to be my fault, lol.

Ya. Running water will be grand! And I can't wait to fool around with that Asko dishwasher, too!

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Oh my, so exciting to see this coming together! Love the hood, tiles, and the sink is the stuff of dreams. Happy, happy, happy for you, Deedles!

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