Breakfast casseroles in a crockpot

legomom23October 1, 2012

We are heavy into the tailgating season and these noon games are hard! Last weekend I did a very easy casserole in a crockpot. It was just frozen hashbrowns, already cooked sausage, cheese, eggs and milk, spices. It cooked up very nicely and was enjoyed.

Below is a link to my favorite breakfast casserole, is there any reason why it wouldn't work? I usually make it in a 9*13 pan, and my crockpot is smaller, but deeper.

Just wondering if anyone has any tips or great recipes for crockpot breakfasts?

Here is a link that might be useful: Sun-dried, Tomato, Mozzarella casserole

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here is a site with quite a few recipes.....hope this helps!! ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: crockpot breakfast

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I am a veteran of many many years of tailgate meals...we are at least 1 1/2 hours from tail gate site....and "back in the day" the Iowa Hawks often started a game at 11:)0 for the TV crowd.
One game was always designated as "The quiche game"....and I made at least 4 quiche...
I made and par baked the crusts the night before....shredded the cheese, cooked and crumbled the bacon, chopped the scallions and sauteed the mushrooms. Then in the I staggered around waiting for the coffee to drip and the oven to heat, I mixed in the blender, eggs and milk and cream and seasonings. dumped the veggies, cheese and bacon into the pie crust, filled it with seasoned milk, cream and eggs and into the oven for 40 minutes while I showered and drank coffee and DH loaded the car with blankets, wine, bloody marys etc.
When the quiche were done I put them directly from the oven into a cooler lined with many layers of newspapers and a terry towel, covered the pie with another overturned pie plate, a towel and more newspaper. I could stack 2 pies to a cooler ( or a Hotter...but how do it know>>:-)
Fritattas can be made in a similar manner....bake and refrigerate the night before, re heat and pack into a cooler.
Also sausage gravy works too....make the night and put into a thermos....bake biscuits and re heat over the grill in foil.
Also make a fritatta and a big pan of sticky buns....and you will be a princess in everyone's eyes.

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Funny Lindalou - the egg casserole on that site is the one I tried this weekend! I subbed roasted red peppers and used a pre-cooked Italian style sausage though. It turned out great.

Lindac - my issue is we go up in our motor home, and I can't really oven cook in it. I have the best luck with reheating on the grill or in the microwave, or cooking in the crockpot. Do quiches freeze well? We leave Friday afternoon for Saturday games. I bet sausage gravy and biscuits would be popular, although I have to say I have never made or eaten sausage gravy! Any good recipes?

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I have never frozen quiche but imagine it would freeze well....
Sausage gravy....
Crumble and brown 2 pounds of breakfast sausage...the "flavor" of the sausage affects the final product...a lot! Jimmy Dean regular is sort of the standard.
Then add enough flour to absorb the grease that has cooked out... for 2 pounds of sausage it will be about 2/3 cup flour....stir and cook a couple of minutes then start adding milk it will take a little more than a quart, and continue stirring until it comes to a simmer....simmer about 5 minutes to cook the flour....season to taste with salt and pepper....ladle over biscuits.
The "recipe" evolved from that basic milk gravy to serve over cooked sausage patties with biscuits. You made a pan gravy out of the drippings left in the pan, scraping up any browned bits and if some crumbles of sausage escaped from the patty, then it got stirred in. Eventually people loved the gravy over biscuits so much, we just skipped the patties and made gravy with the crumbled and browned sausage.
It will reheat very well in a crock pot.
If I had a motor home with all the comforts of home, I would sure be doing pancakes or French toast and sausage links on the grill.....get one of those Lodge cast iron griddles and go to it.

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