To the person who ended the last thread on estrangements

fuzzywuzzyMarch 28, 2008

I am certainly glad you are so perfect - and doubly glad that you are not a member of my family.

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That post made me think of someone going out and writing a book on how not to drink too much and then handing their book to someone who doesn't drink, who goes to Al anon, and whose parents were alcoholics. Then the self satisfied author walks away with a smug expression on their face thinking that they have just educated someone through their special unique wisdom and experience.

I especially enjoyed the paragraph about not meddling. I thought that the post author might reread that one a few times and think about applying it to situations other than ones that involve their immediate family. (Like an online discussion board maybe?) If you haven't actually walked in someone else's shoes, you might think twice or more times about educating them about being in their shoes.

I guess that this author is convinced that when you go past a certain age and/or you assume a certain identity like MIL or older mother, then you lose all of your brain cells and you become a stereotype of the most bothersome person that ever lived. They think that anything we say about our experiences is questionable and that any pain we have felt is well deserved.


I recall once upon a time long ago and far away when I was younger and I thought I knew a lot. Maybe not as much as this particular genius author thinks that she knows. But I used to think I knew a lot. Eventually humility happens. To some of us anyway. If we're lucky. Then we can look back on doing something that resembles this post and cringe.


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WOW, I sure would not want to be related to her and would not want her looking after me in my old age. Scary thoughts she has.

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THERAPY is never a bad idea !!

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