Help for Estranged Loved Ones

PSGFilmsMarch 21, 2011


My name is Charissa and I am a producer for PSG Films. We are currently developing a series that seeks to help estranged loved ones. We are working with estrangement specialist, Dr. Joshua Coleman on this project. Please see the web link below and read the link on the top of the page entitled "TV Series on Parental Estrangement Looking for Guests."

Aside from what you will read on Dr. Colemans site, please be aware that participants will not appear on television. We have had interest from A & E and TLC to move forward with the show however, networks will not purchase shows simply by reading what the show is about. They have requested to see a demo which is just a 3 minute overview detailing what viewers might see in the show. In order to produce the demo, we are asking for volunteers. Please also note that volunteers will be expected to fly to San Francisco for 2-3 days over a weekend to meet with Dr. Coleman, one on one. This also includes the participation of their estranged loved one. If therapy with Dr. Coleman is successful, we will continue to pay for ongoing treatment through Dr. Coleman.

The goal of the show is to reunite estranged loved ones. While I understand that getting the "unwilling" side to participate will be difficult, I want to help those that are by the true essence of the word, estranged. The last thing I would want for this show to be is anything "Jerry Springer-ish." We are taking this very seriously and while our goal has always been to make television, we understand how widespread and serious estrangement is which is why we want to help people. I am available by email and the number below if you would like to discuss this in more detail.




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Time to go.

You've got your crust, "charissa". psg films should fire your hopeless visage.

I hope everything you do meets with failure. You are porcine.

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