Oreo Fridge Cake (Pics)

canarybird01October 15, 2007

I was going to post this over on the Recipe Exchange but they seem to have had a major blowout over there. I was following a thread which was looking for a copycat recipe for making those Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers.....the ones that we used to use in the 60s and 70s, slathering them with whipped cream and standing them in a row overnight in the fridge, slicing them on the diagonal so they made a great looking little dessert with little effort.

As we don't get those wafers over here I thought to try using Oreo cookies and using the recipe I posted from the tasting sample we had at a restaurant recently where the cook used quark, whipping cream and ladyfingers, which I posted here on another thread.

Anyway I got the ingredients together and made something similar using Oreo cookies and it turned out really well:

Here's the recipe:

1 3/4 cups whipping cream

1 lb quark (just under 500 grams) or use ricotta or substitute

2 TBS sugar (or more to taste

2 teasp vanilla "

1 teasp grated lemon zest

32 Oreo chocolate cookies (not split)

- loaf pan measuring across the opening: 9" long(23 cm), 5" across(13 cms), 2 1/2" high (6 cm)

- tin foil to line loaf pan

1. Beat cream and add quark, sugar, vanilla and zest, beating until thick but not overly done.

2. Spread a layer of whipped mixture onto bottom of lined pan and add 8 cookies, evenly spaced. Add more whipped mixture.

3. Continue until you have made 4 cookie layers. Top with more whipped mixture. Save a couple of tablespoons of the whip mixture in a closed container for retouching the cake the next day.

4. Cover loosely with a foil hat and refrigerate overnight or longer.

5. Turn out onto long plate or platter, carefully removing the tin foil.

Retouch any bare spots with the saved whipped mixture, using small spatula.

6. Decorate if desired with a sprinkle of cocoa powder shaken through a sieve and a few chocolate shavings (use potato peeler on a bar of chocolate). Pink icing rosebuds would be nice for a special occasion too.

7. Slice downwards and use pie server to carefully separate each piece when serving. Serve very cold.





7. Before retouching with extra cream.

If you can't get or make quark, I think sour cream or creme fraiche or ricotta would substitute.

This recipe is dead easy! (But DLundin please look the other way LOL!)


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Sharon, that looks soooo good. By the way I haven't had a chance yet to work w/the recipes in my attempt to duplicate the chocolate wafer cookies. Soon though..had a busy weekend w/the torrone :-)


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Sharon, Ice Box Cake was one of our regular family desserts growing up. My mom still makes it from time to time.

Even the name tells what an old recipe it is -- I'm guessing it started in the days when we called the fridge an ice box.

The oreos are positively over the top. I will have to take your word on this one -- I wouldn't dare!

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I agree, I wouldn't dare but I bet it's really good!

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Once we get some of the extra pounds off I will surprise my husband with this updated version of the "Ice Box Cookie Cake" he loved when he was a child. How many Weight Watchers points could such a sweet little cake have anyway?

Does anyone remember the thin chocolate wafers made by a company called Educator? I haven't been able to find anything quite like those in years.

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I'd love to make this one, too. I wish I had a bunch of hearty eaters to cook for. My kids have gotten concerned about eating healthy foods and often pass on sweets. My ex would inhale this little beauty but with his diabetes and weight issues, he can't even have it aorund.

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Sharon, do you think you could substitute cream cheese for the quark, or would ricotta or sour cream be better?

Oreos are DH's favorite store bought cookie, so I know he would love this recipe and so would I!

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I love that dessert and am still amazed it comes out - LOL. Mom always made it Thanksgiving and so do I!

Great idea with the oreos. The pictures are great.

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Damn, I wish I liked Oreos. Sharon that is one beautiful looking dessert. It looks decadently delicious.


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Oh my Sharon, that does look good...twist my arm!

I'm saving it for just the right occasion.


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Sharon....I make that all the time. Isn't it good. I got the recipe from a girlfriend years ago. It's so easy too make, but good. It's nice and light too. I vouch for Sharon...it's a good one!!! Diana55

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I forgot to tell you Sharon....if you like peppermint...you can add pepppermint extract to the whipping cream. It's nice at Christmas time. Diana55

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....oh and green food coloring to the whipping cream. It makes it "Chocolate Mint Ice box Cake" Diana55

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Here is another way of making it.... Diana55

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Oh man, YUM! I've never seen quark here but I'll look again and use a sub if I have too. Drooling here and wish I had a slice now!! Thanks!


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I wanna just dive in!!!!!!!!!!!!

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David....You can make it with just whipping cream. I have and it turns out fine. Diana55

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Thanks everyone....Diana this one isn't quite the same as the old recipe for the which I used to make, because the addition of 1 lb of quark turns it into more of a tangy cheesecake type of dessert, and lower in fat than if it were all whipped cream. I'm sure peppermint would also combine nicely with the chocolate. Your stacked version looks like a good party item too!

Quark comes in a choice of fat content and is generally considered a healthy option to sour cream or all whipped cream. The one I used for this is made from semi-skinned milk with a 6% fat content. It's still rich I know, and I've never been one to promote overly-rich desserts, lol, as I generally keep away from them all.

From searching the web it seems that a half & half combo of cream cheese and low fat ricotta or just all ricotta or creme fraiche would substitute for the quark if one doesn't find it in a shop.

Here below is an interesting NY Times article with a couple of recipes on page 2.


Here is a link that might be useful: Quark in USA and Recipes

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OH my....how fun and easy!! And so pretty too and this would make a very dramatic table presentation!


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Yum, Sharon, I LOVE Oreos and the kids would be ecstatic with that. I'm saving the recipe...


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