painting osb subfloor

xterraMarch 9, 2009

I posted this in the flooring section but thought this would be a better forum. we are close to finishing a major kitchen and living room remodel, and have run out of money. we have 1000 sq.' of floor that is currently covered in 3/4" osb subfloor We would like to paint it until we can afford to put down hardwood.question is what kind of paint, and would we need to prime it and seal it after painting thanks in advance. Gina

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Drylok, Rust-oleum, ACE, and MANY other stores/brands have "Porch & Floor"-type coatings. Some lines are tough enuff for garage-floors...others are meant for interior rooms.

The main thing is to get the wood very clean/dust-free/dry.

You're also gonna be off that floor for a day or so. Heavy tables, etc. will need to wait a week if possible.


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I painted my dining room & family room floor a few years ago until we could afford hardwood. Anything was better than that nasty carpet. I am currently in the process of taking the carpet out of my bedroom and plan on painting it until we decide what to do. I used porch paint from Wal-mart last time. I used a barn-red color and then put down a couple of area rugs and it looked fine. I'll probably use the same paint again. I think it was less than $15 a gallon and I just rolled it on and trimmed around the moulding with a brush.

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Thanks for the response, we have 3 gallons of kills, interior oil base primer i will use up and pick a color of a porch type paint. I did a test section last night with the primer, and today it looks good enough to paint. hopefully we can put hardwood down in the fall. Gina

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One thing to keep in mind is that in traffic areas, the osb is likely to "flake" in areas as it is basically a pressed flake board product. It will need maintenance now and then.

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I use Polycrilic by Minwax, three coats in one day and you can walk on it after one hour. We seal our hardwood floors and doors with this and touchups are easy, no lap marks so far.

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