Painter's caulk and latex paintable caulk

franksmom_2010March 28, 2011

What's the difference, if there is one? And when would you use one or the other? Favorite brands? Tips?

Here's my upcoming projects- I have two built-in wall cabinets that will be painted, and there's small gaps in between the wall and trim. Nothing bigger than 1/8th", but it bugs me, and I'm wanting to caulk those gaps before I paint.

I also have one wall that has a fine crack from the foundation settling. It's obvious the PO's tried to patch it before, and after a lot of reading on how best to fix it, I'm pretty sure it'll reappear eventually. That being said, I'd like to caulk it before I paint, so it looks better at least for a while. Again, the cracks are no wider than 1/8".

I'll be using latex paint for all of my projects.

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I believe it is just terminology. Sometimes the 'painters caulk' seems to be the cheap stuff. The best caulk to use is DAP Dynaflex 230. There is really no reason to use cheap caulk because it is only saving you a couple dollars. Both types of caulk should be paintable.

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