Info wanted-clothing size, diapers & growth experience

cfosscpaMarch 23, 2004

I've heard it said that a child will be able to wear the shorts from the prior year after they have finished potty training. That's because the manufacturers leave enough room for the diaper, and when the diaper isn't there, the child's growth is accomodated.

Did any of you experienced mom's have that happen? Or is this purely a myth? Or maybe it just depends on the child's size and when they're potty trained (18 months vs say 3 years could make a big difference).

My daughter is just barely 3. She's worn 3T clothing for the last year, and is going through a growth spurt and just starting to wear 4T's. I won't have much time to buy clothing in the summer, so I'm trying to get it done within the next month or so. But I'm unsure as to whether or not to buy 4T shorts or if she'll still be able to wear last year's 3T shorts. Pants, shirts, etc. certainly disprove the theory because they are just too short. But length of shorts is less of an issue. But tightness around the waist is important (gotta be able to pull it down by herself).

What's your experience?

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I think it just depends on the child. My almost 4 yo didn't stay in the same size. My 2 yo is so skinny he will probably wear the same waist size for several years.

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After going thru my DD's old clothes, she seemed to be in 4T's the longest, basically skipped 5T and went to 6/6X, and then quickly to 7's. So it's hard to plan ahead too much. Shoe sizes she skipped a lot. Her feet would go from a 9-1/2 to 11 overnight it seemed!

I would wait if I were you. Because at least by July the 4T's if you need them, will be on end-of-season sales already, in preparation for them getting the school clothes out.

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You can probably stick w/ the 3T's, esp. for the first part of the summer, unless she's a kind of chubby kid. But if she's pretty lean, those 3T's will last her for most of the summer.

The thing w/ shorts is, they've usu. got elastic waists, plus they're made w/ room, bcs of diapers and the manufacturers making them roomy to fit the rounder kids.

So kids can wear stuff for a while, in terms of how big around it is. It's the HEIGHT that they grow out of quickly.

Shorts that are shorter this year than last, don't look funny. (Pants do, but shorts don't) They're only an inch or so shorter on the kid than before, so it doesn't matter too much.

Shirts can be a problem, also because of height--my lean kids always could still fit inside their shirts, but the shirts started to get too short.

My kids always wore their shorts for 2 years.

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Thanks for the input. It helps to hear from Mom's who've been there!

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