Funcolors - another plea for help

mklee01March 4, 2011

Hi Funcolors (or any other paint color guru)

I am searching for an exterior paint color that will give me the look in the photo below. (If I was able to embed the photo). I really loved BM's Smoke Embers when I painted a sample, but on a sample of siding in the sunlight it looks like dirty white. Any suggestions would be oh-so-appreciated.

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I'n not a paint guru, but that is a Pottery Barn photograph, so maybe it is a Pottery Barn paint color.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn Colors at Ben Moore

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Excellent suggestion. I had thought of that too, but I couldn't identify which if any it might be. Thank you for the tip, though!

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I'm having the same problem. Colors that look great inside fade to nothingness when you move them outside.

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This might be one of those times when you want to pay attention to the LRV number of the paint, the Light Reflectance Value. Smoke Embers has an LRV of 53.8. Light colors have high LRVs, dark colors have lower LRVs. Smoke Embers is reflecting too much of the light for your tastes, so you want a color that reflects less.

Looking on the paint strip that includes Smoke Embers, at the top is Light Pewter at 71.2 and at the bottom is Bear Creek at 14.1.

This isn't going to help you select a color, but when you pick a color, you might want to pay attention to the LRV to make sure it isn't going to reflect too much light.

Here is an article that Funcolors wrote on LRVs.

Here is a link that might be useful: LRV

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Thank you, graywings. Your suggestion is very helpful.

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Lori A. Sawaya

If that's not Ben Moore's Nantucket Gray I'll eat my hat.

Another place to look is the Master Palette - colors from that palette can easily be found at the Home Depot. (no, I'm not one of those helpful Home Depot social media soldiers).

Home Depot is genuinely a good resource for color because they carry Glidden. Glidden/ICI Dulux/Akzo Nobel are all under the same paint umbrella and they all use the collection of colors called The Master Palette -- I'm thinking Quiet Light or Grey Birch might be good options to check out to match that pic.

When selecting color for exterior, you have to go bolder on the nuance - meaning the chroma or purity of hue is amped up several more notches than you'd normally be comfortable with when choosing color for interior.

Why? Well because sunlight strips chroma or colorfulness from color. Which is counterintuitive. You'd think more light = more color but that's not how 3D architectural color works exterior. Crazy.

Which is why understanding LRV and light-fastness of pigments is so critical to exterior color specification. You need amped up color to *show up* and bust through the abundance of light, but many amped up colors aren't built to weather the elements.

Always ask paint store staff to direct you to their exterior colors. And just to be safe, always double-check with the staff that your chosen ext. color scheme is 100% exterior approved before they mix ANY paint.

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The color of the shingle section of my house looks very much like the OP's photo. My shingles are very irregular cedar, covered in Sherwin-Williams WoodScapes Acrylic Solid Color Stain in Driftwood SW3027.

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Funcolors - thank you so much for your detailed explanation. I've been trying to learn about LRV, but it is really interesting to see those principles in practice. As I mentioned in my OP, my first color selection were completely washed out when exposed to sunlight.

I happen to have a Master Palette fan deck and I took a look at Quiet Light and Grey Birch. Very pretty. Now I will have to go get samples. I'll also sample BM's Nantucket Grey.

Kitchendectective - Thank you so much for your color tip. I will definitely check out Driftwood as well.

Thank you, thank you GW.

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