Professional painting for oak cabinets oil based paint or lacquer

kmallenMarch 18, 2012

We have had a couple bids on painting our oak kitchen cabinets and all our oak woodwork white. With the two bids one is using oil based primer and then 2 coats of enamel paint on the cabinets. For the trim they use oil based primer and then 2 coats of paint. The other bid uses lacquer paint for everything and a clear coat on the cabinets. I had never really read or heard much about lacquer paint so I am confused on what will be the best for durability and aesthetics reasons. Any help will be appreciated.

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Enamel paint doesn't really signify what kind of paint it is, just that the paint is a washable paint, meaning that a protective skin forms on top of the paint. Enamel paints could be latex, acrylic, oil or lacquer really. I would use BIN primer (shellac based) or any other number of acrylic primers that are designed to stick to slick surfaces (bonding). I would then topcoat with a 100 percent high quality acrylic paint, probably in satin. Some perfer semi-gloss. The reason I would choose acrylic is because it won't yellow like oil or lacquer or crack in the joints as easily.

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That makes sense about the yellowing. Have you had any experience with the sprayed on lacquer paint on oak cabinets? Will the lacquer yellow over time?

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Yeah, it will yellow. Also, I don't really think lacquer will hold up any better than an acrylic paint overall.

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