Is there a fairly affordable white/grey granite?

Laura517February 2, 2013

Hi all,
trying to stay within our allowances for new home...I know fairly affordable is subjective. Does anyone know if any of the following are considered a "value" priced granite? Or if not which do you think would be the least expensive of the bunch? I live in RI near MA (think the prices vary widely by area) and I like all of these!
Glacier White
Costa Esmeralda
White Alaska
Mother of Pearl
River Valley
Kashmir White
Giallo Ornamental
Bianco Antico

Would love to see your photos as well.
Thank you!

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My guess is Giallo Ornamental and Kashmir White are some of the least expensive. I am sure that they are level 1s around here (PA). When I bought Bianco Antico a couple of years ago in last house it was a level 3, about 70/sq ft.

Mother of Pearl, is a quartzite I believe, therefore probably a bit more pricey.

Guessing White Alaska might be comparable to BA.

Again these are just guesses.

Here's what I suggest...ask your builder to have his/her fabricator give you quotes on all of them. The fabricators who worked with our builder were forbidden (grrrr, why I dumped them all) to tell us what level any of the stones were, and they could only provide quotes to the builder.

So, get the quotes, and then go looking.

Have fun!

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Bee: Thank you! I love your Bianco Antico countertop! I had a feeling it was a level 3.
Thanks for the advice getting quotes. That's exactly where we are. We asked my builder to get us a quote from the fabricator and I was sensing that he would not tell me any of the levels of the granite. I had asked him what level Jet Mist was, which is what he priced for us originally for our kitchen- like pulling teeth-he's ignoring that question. Our countertop allowance includes all the baths as well and that is what I'm working on now. Anyway, so you don't think it's too much to ask for a quote for all of the above?

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Hi Laura,

I'm in the process of picking a white granite for my Master bath (Backed out of the marble I had picked). Came across this site, Hari Stones. It happens to be local to my area (Vancouver, BC), but they have a pretty good website with decent pictures. they have a 'budget' description from economy to exclusive (no actual $$), so it may help you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Website of various stones

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Here's a photo I took recently for someone of Kashmir White. When we purchased seveal years ago, definitely was not on the higher end of the pricing.

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Try they post actual slab photos and also post their price per square foot for the slabs only. I have used it to at least get an idea if the stone price.

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Have you tried an internet search for 'granite (or discount granite) your location'? I have done this for my city (typed in 'discount granite columbus ohio) and found many granite fabricators in the region who list their stone prices and pics of the stones by name. Some of the companies also list who they get their stones from--and then I went to those websites too.
In doing this, I have found that there are multiple names for similar looking stones, and also that a stone (giallo ornamentale for example) might be in the lowest price tier at one company but in the middle tier at another.

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We used Alaska White and I LOVE it. Our builder used a Chinese granite vendor. I'm sure there are people with strong feelings out there about that. Trust me, I was a kitchen salesperson / designer at a local kitchen store for a year and a half (up until 7 months ago) and we hated the Chinese granite people. However, that's who my builder used and to be honest, the prices were incredible. Our Alaska White was $27.99 / sq ft installed. Now, that was 2 cm granite with a laminated edge making it look like 4 cm. Can you see that seam along the edge? Yes. Do I think that everyone notices that? No. Does it look great? Yes. Are the seams well done? Yes.

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Check out
They are a granite wholesaler in Westboro, Massachusetts, and they put pictures of actual slabs, with a low, medium, high pricing estimate for each granite. They won't give you an actual sq. ft. price but it at least gives you an idea. We bought our granite, waterfall, from them through our fabricator. Hope this helps....

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Dash3108, where do you locate a "Chinese granite vendor"?

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In my city there are vendors who sell low-priced prefabricated counters -- those are usually from China, I believe; also we have vendors who are indeed Chinese who get their granite from China. It is just like the low priced kitchen companies who advertise "a complete kitchen for $3000!" They are usually Chinese made products
A smaller town might not have these businesses.

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I live in ma. We just recently were looking for granite. Jet mist honed was about $70-80/sq. ft. Installed. Just figured I'd give you pricing you can work with. We got a soapstone from marble and granite recommended above... On their website it was priced at $40/ sq ft... Installed cost was around $85 /sq ft

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If you are not wedded to a lot of movement, you are in New England, the home of gray granite! And there are some nice choices from Canada as well.

Another website to scan possibilities and get ideas, as someone else mentioned, is Marble and Granite (they are in Westwood MA and Milford CT). They also post the relative prices of their slabs. And you can sort by color and source of stone. Bethel White from Vermont comes to mind, or Stanstead Gray from Quebec.

I recently also stumbled on a source in Maine of Maine granites. J. C. Stone . I have no idea about pricing but we will be investigating for an upcoming master bath project and are really jazzed about possibly using Maine stone. These stones are also featured on the website of Morningstar Tile and Stone in Topsham Maine -- more project pictures here. Morningstar also touts featuring American (Virginia) soapstone. Again, I have no idea of pricing, and no dealings with these places. But lots of pretty pictures.

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location effects pricing alot as i was quote $110 per sq ft for bianco antico! if i could find it for $70 that woukd be a bargain! i was also quoted kashmir gold for $90 per sq ft. what i have been doing is going onto the homedepot website to use their countertop estimator. it may give you a good price range for stones in your area.

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