DS has mono......

believerMarch 27, 2009

DS16 has mono....He has been sick with one thing or another for 2 months or so. His test came back positive today....I feel really tired to but for me I think it is just stress.

For those of you who pray I'd appreciate some sent our way. For those of you that don't any positive thoughts our way would be appreciated also. He is having a hard time. We have decided to wait and have him start his new school at the beginning of next year since he has had so much trouble keeping up his grades lately and with this new development he is going to really have trouble. Yikes....does it ever stop!

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oh no! that's terrible!! how long does the doctor think he'll be ill?

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Hi Silver,

The nurse said he wasn't suppose to do anything physical for 4 weeks. They didn't say anything else. He started out with the flu and that went into bronchitis and then the ear infection and sore throat that he has now so I had him tested for mono and bingo!

My DD20 had it at this age too.

Life is wonderful!

My DH said he had it as a kid and had a mild case but a friend had it and it lasted 6 months.

Maybe he'll listen to me now about burning the candle at both ends....poor kid.

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It is direct contact disease so if you don't have a dish washer, pour boiling water over your flatware and don't kiss him. LOL Don't share a drink with him or share a burger or straw.

The most common place to get this is eating in a restaurant. He is not as likely to get it there as adults are. Kids usually eat fast foods.

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Thanks Stargazzer.....I think he should just go and live in the shed for a while. I'm so tired of sick kids. I have managed to stay relatively healthy this winter....thank God.

I'll be running everything through the dishwasher....even him.

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