Haan steam mop

RNmomof2 zone 5February 28, 2014

After the great thread on favorite household items, I ordered a Haan steam mop from Kohl's. I got it over the weekend and just got ready to use it.

I assembled the two pieces, filled the tank, and went to turn it on. It wouldn't turn on. The button didn't catch or anything. I call customer service. Meanwhile my local DD is home from her sorority crafting. She keeps telling me I am getting water all over the floor. Sure enough, the water is leaking out everywhere.

The CS rep asks for model number, which we can't find on the plastic casing. We do realize though that all we have is an empty case. There is nothing inside the unit! Gee, no wonder the water is dripping everywhere. The CS rep was going to start paper work to get it replaced. I'll just return it to Kohl's and have them replace it.

I guess Haan has great quality control! Not!

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What a bummer, rnmomof2. And how odd! Nothing inside the mop???

That thread was mine, and I mentioned how much I love my Haan, so I'm feeling a tad guilty here! I hope you have better luck with the replacement mop!

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Alas, QC is the big problem with Haan. I've owned three of their mops. The first one cleaned amazingly, better than anything I've ever seen, including its replacements, for about a month, then died. The replacement didn't clean as well but lasted about three months before dying.

I tried other brands in between, but just didn't find anything else that worked as well as the haan did when it worked, so now I'm trying out #3.

So far so good, but now I only use distilled water (we have nasty well water here and I'm willing to give a bit of the blame for the first two to that), and also am religious about being sure not to leave the reservoir in the mop for any length of time.

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I ordered one too after reading the great comments. I haven't taken it out of the box yet but I bought it from Costco so not worried about returning it if need be.

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Lack of QC could happen to any manufacturer - unfortunately.

I've been using an Oreck steam mop for a year. You can either use the bonnets that come with it or your own cloths. I use my microfiber cloths and just clip them on the head.

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My Haan is about 2 years old, no hard water here soI use my well water. So far it has worked flawlessly. Thought I would mention DD has hard water and ruined her Shark in a matter of few months. She replaced it with another shark and uses distilled water about a year and so far no problems.

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I have a Bissell Powerfresh, love it!

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I have a Shark -- bought a year and a half ago at the black Thursday sale at Target for $15. I absolutely LOVE it! And it has performed well for a year and a half. Not sure I would keep trying a product that lasted only a month.


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I've had 2 Bissell steam mopsâ¦both have worked well. I had bought the second one so that I could give my daughter the first one. The negatives to the Bissell were that it wasn't easy to change the bonnet in the middle of cleaning and the cord was relatively short and I needed to attach an extension cord which made it clumsy. It never failed to perform on my 600+ square feet of tile.

So I had recently come across a Hoover twin tank which had easy-to-change cleaning cloths, a low head which goes under cabs and other furniture easily and a larger water tank. I ordered one from Home Depot in June, used it and was thrilled how it really put out even more steam than the Bissell and how much lighter and easier to use than the Bissellâ¦until I went to use it the third time. Then I found that the separate tank to dispense the optional cleaning solution fell off repeatedly because the hooks which hold it to the unit had broken off. Because it had fallen, the tank now had a crack and was leaking water over the floor, and the unit no longer was putting out steam, just lukewarm water, possibly because the unit itself seems to have developed cracks.

So I wrote to Hooverâ¦haven't heard back and will call them. I'm not expecting much, but it would be nice to know if they had a bad batch or something.

The premise was interesting; the execution not so much.

I've gone back to my old Bissell, but I will check out both the Haan and the Shark.

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Well, in fairness to Haan, I have to say that their customer service was decent. I had bought the first one from amazon and when I called Haan to ask if there was anything I should try to fix it before returning it, the rep told me honestly that while they'd rather I sent it to them (so they could do a post mortem), they don't pay shipping so it was better to do the exchange through amazon. But they responded right away, and it was clear there wouldn't have been any run around with the warranty.

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Let's face it, quality in manufacturing has gone WAY down. Our choice, in most cases, seems to be overpay for cheap junk or WAY overpay for quality. graywings here, on the original thread, pointed to a high quality steam cleaner called Vapor Clean. Costs $800. And even then, a lot of "high end" companies have cheapened their production while keeping prices high based on the name and reputation, thinking, and hoping, consumers won't notice.

It is absurd that Haan wouldn't take responsibility for having put an empty unit out there and simply replace it and absorb all costs in doing so, since Haan is responsible. But that has been my experience with corporate culture: It takes your money and takes NO responsibility when they screw up. We get cheap stuff that breaks easilyâ¦with no accountability from the manufacturer. Sorry, but when I mess up on my job, I make amends and take responsibility, even if it costs me to do so.

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So far so good with my Costco Shark steam mop.

The Haan hand held steamer, OTOH, that I just received two days ago already is kaput. Will not pressurize and instead steam leaks out the cap area. Too bad, as it was fantastic - for a day.

Maybe Haan does have QC issues.

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I'm feeling terrible about bringing up my Haan steam mop! I love mine and have had no problems with it whatsoever. Now watch: next time I go to turn it on, it won't work!

So tired of cheaply made c*ap! But, I guess if we suckers buy it, they'll keep making it!

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The trick with any of these steam mops is that you have to use distilled water and NOT tap water, whether the manufacturer states it or not. Otherwise the heating element will stop working after a few uses.

First purchased the Shark steam mop, but had to refill it too often when cleaning, so I just purchased a SteamFast canister steamer and it is just the best. Large capacity, creates so much steam, I often can't see what I'm steaming.

I use it on everything. Great on all types of floors, but especially good on window & mirror cleaning

Here is a link that might be useful: SteamFast Canister

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I've used only tap water with my Haan and have had no problems at all. Depends on the condition of the water, I guess. All I meant when I brought it up was that I love my steam mop. Maybe I should have left the brand out of it!

The SteamFast looks good. If my Haan croaks on me, I'll definitely take a look at that one.

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Tibbrix, I'm so torn in deciding on a steam mop after all this discussion and checking reviews on Amazon for a kajillion brands. But I have a solution! Can I just have yours?

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I have the low end Shark Steam mop - have had it for probably 2 years now. I only use tap water- and it's been great. A few months ago it started to spew water and the bottom came off. I figured it was likely time to replace it, but I just tried to put the piece back and it's been working ever since.
I love I. Best $50 or $60 spent.

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No one's gettin' my Haan! I love itâ¦so far!

How I'd love a Vapor Clean, though! But $800! Nope.

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I had a Haan steam mop; probably only used it about 6 times over the course of less than a year and then it quit. I do live in a rural area with hard water although we have a water softener. The Haan steam mop was one of those things that I thought would simplify my life; however I found it was one of those gimmicky things that took up storage space and used electricity. Just easier to use a bucket and a rag or a simple sponge mop where I can rinse the dirt out during use.

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Just an update to my previous posting re the Hoover Twin tank steam mop - when I had no response to my email message regarding the failure of my mop, I called them. Because it was still under the 2 year warranty period, they replaced my mop. Good customer service after all.

As I had said earlier, the head has a great shape and is easy to fit under furniture and cabinets. You can easily change the cleaning cloth while steaming and the cord is super long which makes it easy for me to do my 700 sq. feet of tile without having to move the plug.

Hopefully, this one will last a little longer than 6 months.

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mine has a "turbo" button on the front that turns mine on.

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RNmomof2 zone 5

My replacement one, which is much heavier than the empty one, actually turns on with the button in the front.

We used it today and while the pads were dirty the floor did not look visibly cleaner. It sure was easier than scrubbing the floor though!

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mmon, you have to move it across the floor very slowly. You also can spray some cleanser on the floor and then use the steam mop to try to get up ground in grime and thereafter use the mop on its own.

Congrats on getting a mop with innards!

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So far so good with my new Haan. It's my first steam mop so I don't have anything to compare it too but I like being able to clean without using so many chemicals.

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I gave up after my first two Haan's died. One lasted 11 months before it just quit working. The second one a couple of months more before it started to throw a breaker every time I tried to plug it in. I only used RO water in them.

Bought a Bissell power fresh and it works great so far. Only a month old though. I don't use the disks, just the pads. I like the little scrubber on it and the easy way to fill water and lighter and more access I have vs. The Haan. Also has a longer cord. Had to use an extension cord with the Haan, but not with the Powerfresh.

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Hopefully Haan is reading these threads and working on their quality.

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Well, for me, Hoover steam mop works fine, I'm talking about the model wh20200, that has a reasonable price too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hoover Twintank Steam Mop

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I sure wish someone would come up with disposable pads for the Haan..I hate pushing a dirty pad all over the floor and it takes about 3 regular pads to clean my kitchen, and now you just made a small load of laundry.
Why can't manufactures do field tests of their products under real life conditions or hire more women engineers!

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Kathie, what we need less of is disposable stuff. The way steam works is that it picks up the dirt and it's absorbed into the pad, so you're not pushing a dirty pad around . It's the steam that's doing the cleaning.

I bought a package of six Haan pads from eBay, to go with the two that came with the Haan itself.

another really important tip about the Haan: every time you're finished mopping, leave the Haan running and take the water supply off the machine, then keep running the Haan until it stops steaming . it'll make some banging noises. Stay with it. It's done very quickly. This gets rid of leftover water in the Haan, which leads to a very stinky machine. I've had no problems since I began doing that.

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One pad does my entire kitchen, although it is not a large room. I agree that we need more reusable items rather than disposable. I think Swiffers are the worst when it comes to waste. I like my Haan and have about four pads.

I do one load of cleaning rags each week and the Haan pads go into that load, then hang to dry. No biggie.

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Since this thread was recently updated, thought I'd post my own updates. In my 2 earlier messages re my Hoover Twin tank, I mentioned that I loved it but the plastic was falling apart. Hoover did replace it in March of 2014, but by December the same problem was occurring. The blue plastic just seems to disintegrate. I've read other complaints about the same thing...it's quite astonishing to be pushing the mop along and having bits and pieces, and then screws just falling out along the floor. I plan to call Hoover tomorrow. Realistically, although it's still within the 2 year warranty, since they've already replaced it once I have no hopes of getting a replacement unit, nor am I sure I even want another one.

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"I do one load of cleaning rags each week and the Haan pads go into that load, then hang to dry. No biggie."

Now THAT is a valuable suggestion! One load for the microfiber cloths, etc., and you always know where everything is. Here I am, a grandmother, and never thought of it. So embarrassed. DH and I do the housework together, and he will be impressed. Thank you!

Oh, and we like our Haan very much.

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Does anyone use their steam mop on hardwood floors? I use diluted vinegar to clean my hardwood and certainly make sure there is not a lot of water left on the wood - it dries in less than a minute. Would a steam mop deliver too much water or would the heat damage the hardwood finish over time?

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I use my Haan on my pine floors and have had no issues. A lot of people here have said that's a no-no because of the heat, not the water as they dry so quickly. My master bathroom gets mopped with it the most (and it too is a pine floor) for obviously reasons. No issues at all. For one thing, wood floors are protected by sealants. Second, you keep the steam mop moving - never, EVER let it sit idle on a wood or poly floor, not even for 15 secondsâ¦but keep it moving and the heat from it is dispersed too quickly to do any damage. Heat rises, remember. It's gonna lift right up off the floor and will never even get to the wood.

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