How much Does BM Advance yellow ??

tbo123March 9, 2014

Any info on this topic is pretty hard to find. At least for me.

BM Advance is a water based alkyd and so it has been said that it may/could/does yellow. especially using white.

I'm thinking of using this paint (white) on my Kitch cabs as it seems to level the best. However I'm concerned about touch ups and a difference in color over time.

Funny thing (to me) is, BM has a sort of tutorial on their site for repainting kitch cabs and they use white advance. Maybe they don't know it yellows.

Or, is this whole "yellowing" thing so negligent that it doesn't matter? Is it like a 30 year thing or a 5 year thing?

Has anyone had experience with this "yellowing" of Advance?


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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

It's talked about by BM.

Substitute it is the simple, easy answer.

Advance has a 16 hour dry time. That's a production killer.

There are other cabinet paints that will provide identical service and won't yellow or take all summer to dry.

Cabinet Coat
Ace Cabinet Paint

Here is a link that might be useful: Yellowing of alkyd paints

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Thanks brushworks.

"Substitute, it is the simple, easy answer."

That's usually the case I guess. Actually, Advance was going to be the substitute.:)

I've tried the CC. don't like the high sheen. If I use it, I would have to topcoat with water poly to get the right sheen. I guess that's an option though. Argh....
Do you happen to know if the 'Ace' version is as shiny as CC. Also, I'm trying to use a BM color (simply white).
I wonder if BM sells a flattening agent.. Hmm..

Thanks for the BM link. Funny, they recommend Impervo (water) as they have another "tutorial" on their site showing best kitchen cab paint to be Advance (white). Here:

Anyway, your link refers to Alkyds yellowing. Hence my original question about Advance yellowing as it's not really a true alkyd. At least as far as I understand it. That said, It's probably too new of a product for anyone to really know it's degree of yellowing possibilities.

I've found that Impervo (water) goes on like pancake batter and doesn't level at all. Maybe with half a jug of floetrol it might work.

Target coatings tinted 6500 lacquer is pretty nice but they can't get the color right.

So, I'm back to Advance. Actually, now I'm thinking of just top coating Bins Primer.

Ok, I'm off to BM to see if they can tint the CC.
More friggin samples I guess......

Sorry if this post is a little incongruent. My brain is fried from all this. It's pretty much the color and sheen that is the problem.


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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

The last cabinet repaint I did a few months ago was with Behr Satin Enamel in Silky White.

It's a true satin sheen and the paint was much easier to apply, leveled nicely and the customer was pleased.

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I have only had one experience so far with Advance, and I did not notice that it dried any slower than Impervo. I was able to do a second coat on the trim the next day, which is what one expects. It's never a great idea to double-up on paint coats, though I've done it under pressure. (and for slimy acrylic semi-gloss it's the only way to get a second coat to adhere...)
The trim paint was a yellowy-cream, so no yellowing concerns there. I was happy with my Advance experience, and will try it again. It's nicer to work with than my old go-to which is Dulamel. Kills fewer brain cells, too.

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