Widely-available alternative to Acrylacq?

andaleeMarch 28, 2012

I'm dizzy from all of the descriptions of various clear finishes for wood, and their various pro's & con's. Does anyone know of something as safe as (or nearly so) Acrylacq, but widely available? We're finishing pine T&G for the ceiling before putting it up, and I just can't bear to google anymore . . . I need an intelligent life form with experience to add a reasonable opinion. ;o)

Any thoughts?

(Cross-posted to the woodworking forum, because I'm desperate. :o)

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Old-fashioned shellac? Like Zinsser Sealcoat. Available everywhere, 100% non-toxic. It contains ethanol, but that's not considered a VOC. Four coats easily applied per day.

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Really good idea Casey. The main drawback to shellac is that it gets easily damaged by water or alcohal marks from drinks etc, but nobody is going to be eating on the ceiling. If you don't want much darkening, you use the clear or use the yellow to get a golden tone.

However, the op may be concerned with just the smell which would be strong if used inside although if andelle drinks, then this could be called one on the house. The nice thing is that it dries almost instantly and one could easily work outdoors on some sawhorses. One shouldn't have to worry about bugs and dust because of the drying speed and any problems can be sanded down in a flash.

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