All brick backsplash or brick and what?

kirelandFebruary 23, 2011

Kitchen is L shaped and my H is enamored with having a brick wall behind the stainless steel range hood/chimney, which is on the short side of the L, beside the refrigerator which is "built into" the cabinets. It would be a mix of reds & grays like "normal exposed brick". I like this idea but I'm not sure whether to carry it through to the rest of my backsplash or not - on a different wall, the long side of the L, where my sink, dishwasher and wall ovens are. Since they are on different walls I think it would be okay to go with brick behind the cook top/range hood as though it is an architectural detail and some other material for the rest of the backsplash.

If it helps my appliances are stainless steel, kitchen cabinets will be off-white painted maple (Merillat Maple 'Chiffon'), counter-top will be polished granite in Virginia Mist (dark gray/black, with white veins). While not adjacent to the backsplash in any way, there will also be an island in maple stained dark-brown (Merillat Maple 'Kona'), topped with honed Blanco Carara marble (white with grey veins).

So continue the brick as backsplash or use something else? If something else, what? with all of the different surfaces in play I'm thinking keep it simple. Maybe subway tiles in white? Maybe an extra tall granite backsplash to match the counter and then just paint the wall up to the cabinets?

Thanks for any and all opinions you may have!

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ETA: We will be using bead board that matches the cabinets elsewhere in the kitchen so maybe that's a good idea between the granite countertop and the cabinets...

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Others will comment with great stylistic advice, but all I'm thinking here is "cleanup nightmare." Not saying to not do brick, but to be careful what brick (and what mortar) you choose--smooth rather than rough, etc.--and possibly look into ways you could seal it so that it's less difficult to clean.

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I live near Boston and there are some amazing brick walls
used in the decor of beautiful homes. This picture popped
into my mind. I think the entire wall in brick would be
beautiful. It would be even nicer if you could find rustic,
used and antique reclaimed bricks for that natural texture.
I would not worry too much about clean up unless you are
terribly messy cook. A good old toothbrush and clean
any spatters that might on ocassion show up.
hope these ideas help.

Souther living magazine (Makes me think of a home in boston)

Westford Home

Film North Florida blog

Dallas Kitchen

Artisan Kitchen and Baths


John Lewis Kitchens

AJC Home Finder Historic homes

Heart Stone Builders

Country Living Magazine


Not red brick but lovely never the less with the hood
against the brick wall
From Small kitchens design blog

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