Painting a basement - cinder block

myrtle_59March 1, 2008

We have a basement wall that was once an exterior wall and very wet. We had the drainage problem fixed and put on an addition so now it is in fact an interior wall - warm and dry. It was painted with drylock when it had the moisture problem and that did no good so we ended up with a white wall that is very discolored with what was once mold - brownish moisture - just really ugly. DH painted over that (its bone dry now) with light blue drylock today. It looks much better but you can see some of the discolor still and I am not sure blue is the final color we want.


Can we paint basement walls that are dry with something other than drylock? Will drylock as a first coat make a good primer? What would you use on these previously drylocked (white) walls that look crumby now that we fixed the water problem. Some of these walls are now 'interior' some exterior, all dry but some 'cold' I suppose in the winter. We have a dehumidifier there and have properly vented the dryer too so that additional source of moisture is now gone as well.

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I've painted dry (bare) concrete block walls with regular latex paint. Our utility room and a rental basement. Primed first with Zinsser Bullseye 123. Has held up very well, no issues at all. 13 years in our house, 5 in the rental. No moisture problems on any of those walls, though. First I vacuumed the walls well to get the dust out of the nooks and crannies, then washed with a pre-paint cleaner (Soilax or Dirtex). If you've still got stains bleeding through from prior moisture an oil-based stain blocking primer might be a better choice? I don't know, one of the pros here would have to answer that one for sure ;) (Bullseye is a water-based primer.) Then top coat with a good latex paint, color of your choice ;).

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Thanks. It's covering decently (for a basement) so I guess we will wait and see how the blue feels over time. Probably should have used a primer instead but didn't want to do oil base for smell and cleanup.

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we painted our basement with a product called WaterTite that we bought from Menards. It was tintable (limited) and came in white and tan also. It hasn't flaked or anything in two years.

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thx I will check it out.

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You know puzzlefan, I was thinking about this after I posted and cannot for the life of me remember what we used on my mother's basement, but it was similar to WaterTite. (It had cement in it, the stuff was thick as goo and super gritty.) Did a great job though. She doesn't get water, just a lot of moisture that creates discolored spots in some corners. The paint with cement in it worked really well. That was 8 years ago and this year she's going to need a recoat done.

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