Ice Age

trekarenMarch 19, 2002

I haven't seen promos of this film that are detailed enough to give any idea as to its age-appropriateness. Since it made so much money last weekend, I'm assuming some folks here went to see it.

Opinions? What age group do you think it's geared to? Would the 4- to 5-year olds like it?

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DH & I loved it. Laughed so hard, I have to go back and review the areas I missed because of laughing. It has a little bit of everything for everyone. The story line does get a little dry in the middle, but for the most part, it was good. We saw it on opening night, and there were lots and lots of children even at the last showing. Ladies, take a tissue, men your hankies, you will need them.

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I thought you were going to ask what age can kids have ice.

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For it to have been the number one movie, I have found only the one response above as someone having seen the movie. No one I know has seen it!

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I am wondering the same thing. Our 2 year old loves Shrek and sits through it when we watch it together. We were wondering if it would be appropriate to take her to as well.
Please if any of you have seen it let us know.

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I posted over on the Kitchen Table. It's a more active forum. Got a couple of responses so far - I see you are a contributing member so you can see the responses. (look for subject of Ice Age - anyone seen it)

So far folks are saying they loved it, even cried a little, and that it is appropriate for a 4-yo.

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We saw it on Friday, with DD and her friend (4 yo).

They LOVED it! And it's very entertaining for adults, also. We laughed out loud more in this movie, than we did in Monsters Inc.

Sat behind a row full of 9-ish year-old boys. They loved it, also, as did the parent chaperoning them.

So it's a good one to take toddlers to!!!

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