Texturing wall with roller

redawg77March 28, 2012

We had some pretty bad late 80's wallpaper in our kitchen that we have removed (thankfully the walls were primed first!). So now we have a smooth wall that we would like to texture orange peel to match most of the remainder of the house. I'm not to keen on the idea of masking off 95% of the kitchen to cover about 200 square feet of wall with spray texture (our kitchen is mostly cabinets and windows). So..

I got a few hits on the web regarding texturing with a paint roller, but fewer good how tos than I would have liked. Can I expect to be able to achieve a consistent, fine texture using this method? I was leaning towards using a 1/2" nap roller and thinned out wall mud. I have heard that the looped wire rollers are a waste of money.

Of course, I'll try it first on plywood or cardboard, but I was wondering if anyone on here had attempted this texture method, and if they had any pointers to share.



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I've never been a fan of texture-additives to paint.
I actually discourage our customers from doing this....even though we sell some of this! Final results are often too heavy and/or uneven.

WAY to hard to keep even for a person who's never done it!

Masking-off an area doesn't take long.

Make DA*N sure the wall is cleaned & primed anew. THEN do the texture!!!

I've gotten very good at doing areas with the Spray-texture cans. I've got some tips on some threads here....
I can't even find my repaired areas!


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What sheen are you considering. You may be able to get an orange peel with just a 3/4" nap and a satin or semi-gloss.
I also don't like the thought of actual texture paint. Once you do that, it's very difficult to change.

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I would like to do a light-to-medium orange peel. I am in no way considering textured paint, as I have heard the horror stories.

The spray can option is interesting. I have considered that, and may give it a try. I've had very good results matching existing texture when doing patches. I could probably cover what I need to in my kitchen with 4 or 5 cans. Thanks for the replies!

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My husband did our whole spare bedroom with Homz orange peel spray can texture. He started with the water-based stuff and didn't like it (I think those are the areas that look a bit drippy) and finished with the oil-based. I don't like the look as well as our professionally done living room, to be honest, but for a bedroom, it's certainly good enough and not blatantly different.

My friend's mother used the thinned dry wall mud on a paint roller technique, and they got what she describes as a "cantaloupe-like" texture. She doesn't mind it, but it doesn't seem that it resembles orange peel. I imagine the amount of thinning and the kind of roller cover you use could make a difference in your final result.

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Went ahead and used a 1/2 inch roller with satin paint (SW SuperPaint, not texture paint), and it turned out very nice. It's a bit finer than orange peel, but it's close to what I was going for. Looks very nice.

Thanks again.

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