snookums2March 12, 2013

Hi Faron,

I have a question on the prep instructions you posted the other day.

" * Do any desired re-texturing on these spots when spot-priming is dry. "

What do you use to accomplish this task, Faron?

P.S. Maybe you just mean textured walls. I thought you were referring to the very smooth patched areas versus the already stippled roller areas of the wall. I find they look different. Any suggestions there? Thanks.

Here are all the steps, for anyone else who needs it:

I've been retail paint for a decade now (NOT @ a big-box/chain!!).

In this case, mix a stronger batch of Dirtex solution, and wash you walls. This will help to slightly "etch" a shinier surface as well as clean.

When walls are DRY....
* Look them over carefully, and shave off any bad lumps, runs, etc.
* Fill, patch, & sand (to suit) affected spots.
* Brush-out a hazy-edged coat of primer over repairs.
* Do any desired re-texturing on these spots when spot-priming is dry.
* When spot re-text. is dry, roll-prime the walls.
* I like this method because repair spots are thirsty, & any re-text. holds well to primer.
* Lastly, priming the WHOLE wall AFTER texuring ensures NO variation in porosity when it comes to the finish-coats.

>>> Now you've got the IDEAL surface to hold paint!!

>>> DO NOT USE Ammonia!!! If any remains on the wall, it'll negatively affect adhesion.

Dirtex link below...


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Hi Snookums!
(Ummmm...that doesn't sound right in a way...:-))

Check this thread of mine with pics from last year.
Lotsa reading too though....just warnin' ya!


Here is a link that might be useful: My Bath prep/pix...

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lol, is there something wrong with my name I don't know about?

Thanks for the link. I thought you had been a painter at some point!

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Sorry Snookums!!!
I only meant the generic meaning of calling a loved-one/spouse that particular term-of-endearment! And since we don't know each just struck me as kinda humorous!

Glad you liked all my pics & babbling!?!!??!
I doubt many people are as AN&L as me, but I like to see how perfect I can make things! I can't even find ANY of my repair-spots. If I charged for it, I'd be broke, 'cuz no one would pay $$$ for it...;-)


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I see! haha

I am AN&L too (more than I realized, lol) and this painting (bad walls to repair) is killing me! I did start reading your thread but glazed over rather quickly! lol I will have to get back over there. I try to arm myself well for the task at hand. lol

I think I would be fine with all this painting if the paint did not dry as soon as you get it on the wall! I don't want missed lap marks or whatever and am having trouble with both low light and glare when I try to supplement it. It just stresses me out. But, like you say, no one else will care that much! BTDT with other projects.

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