Childhood obesity.. Advice please

myfampgMarch 13, 2011

I come from an overweight family but mainly overweight adults. We as children and young adults never struggled with weight until we had babies.

My older sister was much thinner than I ever was as a teen but I was still thin. She was bones. A size 0 at 18 to my size 4 at 18. She became overweight during pregnancy 15 yrs ago and has lingered in the 200-215 range since. I became overweight with my first pregnancy going to 180 and lingering there for about 3 yrs until I got serious and lost it all down to 130. Then in my second pregnancy I did the same thing, except it only took me a year to get it off and I am comfortable at 140. I could lose 10-15 more pounds but I'm just busy and like I said, comfortable.

Anyway -- my oldest daughter started out chunky. I think she was born to be the tire commercial baby with real chunky legs and chunky cheeks. So adorable. As she grew and started walking she slimmed down as normal. She has always been in the 95th percent. But she is very short. The last 5 yrs I would describe her as very petite. Small and short. Over the last few months I have noticed an increase in her size. I do not know what she weighs but I will say, she has always been a clothing size behind her age. Example: age 6 she was a 5. At 7 she was a 6 etc. Now she is almost 10 and she has finally started wearing 10's. Remember she is short so clothes shopping is very difficult since the length is too long. We have noticed that she has started developing. I believe this is a bit early because I was 15 before developing but I know I am hearing girls are starting menstration and wearing bras earlier these days. I just bought her size 10 pants and bras last month and today she says they are all too small. I also took a picture of her at school the other day and noticed that she has gotten 'chunky' again. Chubby cheeks and she just looks thick. I'm beginning to worry that she has gained a lot of weight in the last month.

She is in dance and also is in a running program at school plus we have upped riding bikes and playing outside hoping that will give her more exercise. I evaluated what we are eating and so I cut out juice, high calorie soda and milk consumption to start. Also, we have stopped eating out as much and I am making home cooked meals more with whole grains and incorporating veggies and fruits. I have also started packing her lunch instead of allowing the school lunches... But I've seen no difference. She has actually gained since starting all of this. I think counting her calories is a bit ridiculous but I'm terrified of her becoming overweight at such a young age. She no doubt is predisposed to have genetic weight issues but I'm certain she could manage it if she put forth the effort like I have when she is an adult. Right now I feel it's my responsibility to make sure she is offered the right nutrients and in the right amounts to make sure she stays at a healthy weight. I can also control her exercise vs. Tv time which I think I do a pretty good job. Although I must be failing since it's not working.

Does anyone think that this is an age/developement thing and she will grow out of it? Has anyone experienced this? Will she possibly grow taller and even out in the end. She has developed hips. Yes birthing hips as we have always called them and it's very shocking. She has a dance recital and her costume shows how much bigger she is than her peers in that area. Also, she won't be able to wear a 2 piece bathing suit because they are so obvious making her body look much older than her face and age.

Does anyone think this warrants a visit to the doctor? Am I nuts? What more can I do in her diet and more importantly-- how do I discuss it with her without causing her to be self conscious? Or to worry?


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I Dont think you need to go to the doctors,she sounds very normal to daughter gained weight aged ten,then she started her periods,sounds like your daughter will do soon.I wouldnt say anything to her, you are making too big an issue out of this.keeping active and eating healthy will prevent her of being fat.

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Did your daughter develop hips before starting? We've already talked about her period so she knows it may come in the next year or so.. Just curious about the hips? I didn't get those until I was much older. She has a big belly too.. I don't know what she weighs I am just going by her clothes. Maybe I should look up her BMI to better Gage.

I don't think I'm over thinking it because I don't want to wake up one day and find that there was something more I could do. But I think I have made the changes that we needed with exercise and food. Thanks for your advice. Glad to know she is probably normal.

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My daughter did develop hips before she started, she filled out most places,suddenly went very curvy,i too thought she'd put on weight ,i didnt expect her to start her period that young.she was never short though,maybe it is more noticeable on you daughter because she is short,there is a good chance she could have a growth spurt and even out a little.Your doing great with the food and exercise.I suspect shes just hitting puberty.

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Tracy- I weighed my daughter tonight and measure her height and she is according to the BMI chart-- in the 74th percentile... Which is great! Thanks for the advice. I told her we are going to start tracking her height, she got so excited lol I'm so relieved that I was just overreacting... And I'm hoping she will grow a few inches in the next year and kind of even out. Either way, it doesn't matter, she's still precious, I just worry about her future. And I think we must be doing something right. Thanks again!

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Aww thats nice,I agree she is precious whatevever.I think you are doing everything right,well done.I know what you mean about worrying though,I think thats the worst thing about motherhood,we never stop worrying about everything,I make myself bad sometimes lol.

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I think obesity is a major problem for teenage and old age people which makes them less active compare to their companion partner. In my neighborhood there are 5 or 6 kids who have weight issue and when i tried talking to their parents they ignored my advices. This gives a straight signal that without parent help obesity in kids or teenagers can't overcome.

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Yes due to hereditary also we get obesity.I can suggest you that take a glance that what food is not suitable for the baby by which she is gaining the weight.

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