Riddle of the Griddle

OlychickOctober 3, 2012

Thought some of you would enjoy this about our favorite cooking utensils.

Here is a link that might be useful: Riddle of the griddle

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I can relate. Every so often, Mother goes on a 'purging'
ritual, whereby she discards everything that SHE doesn't
use anymore. Of course she discards all of the gadgets
that I have grown attached to,and even though I don't
use them everyday, they are essential to ME.
And the only recourse I have is to bite the back of my
hand and scream, (quietly, of course). And forget about
communication, as I have tried that 49,723 times, to no

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I loved that article..thanks so much for posting the link! It is sooo true!

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My mother has a batterd old 9x13 baking pan that she got as a wedding present 55 years ago. I have threatened to throw it out on more than one occassion and get her something new but she simply refuses. She said this is her go-to pan for everything. When she recently moved from the big house to an apartment, I again offered to replace it with something new, and she refused. She said she had put a clause in her will that the pan is to be buried with her. She said she intends to bake a Chocolate Chip Date Cake for the Lord when she gets to heaven and she'll need her pan. I couldn't argue with that!


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So true! I reach for utensils I have had forever, instead of the new ones even though the new might (or might not) do a better job. I am a creature of habit. DH keeps hinting the kitchen could do with a good clean out and purging. LOL

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