Wanted to share this....my daughter.....sigh!!

believerMarch 9, 2009

I posted last week that we moved my DD20 out last Sunday. Since then she came down with the flu....was really sick for a few days. I brought her things, picked up her prescription and all that jazz. She called me tonight to asked me a few questions about cooking and she sounded sooo much better. She told me that she missed me so much last night that she cried. She said that she wanted to come back home but knew she had to be a big girl and suck it up. ( I think she was just kidding about wanting to come home )......It made me cry.

All of this while I'm watching the "Anne of Green Gables" DVDs with my SD10. It has become a tradition with me and my girls. My SD33 and I watched them when she was little and my DD20 and I watched them when she was little. Now SD10 and I are watching them. I love those movies.

I'm so glad that my DD misses me. I was afraid she might not. I think she already sees mom in a different light.

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Awww. Of course she misses you, in a thousand tiny ways that she will discover every day.

Of all the things that made me miss my mom, the times when I was sick were #1. There's just nothing like your mom being there to shower pity on you and say "my poor baby".

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Really like the Anne of Green Gables DVD's! Every young girl I know enjoys those!

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