Painting HardiPlank - Flat? Satin? Eggshell?

classicMarch 13, 2007

Please help.... I am getting conflicting information here and I'm not sure which way to go...

We have brand new Hardi Plank siding on our house and the next step is to have it painted. We are using Sherwin Williams Duration "life-time" paint, color - Dorian Gray (any opinion on our color choice are welcome as well, because we have no idea what it will look like on the house vs. on the color wheel, especially since part of our house has brick siding -will it look good next to the reddish brick?).

One painter told me I should use Flat because it hides imperfections and seams etc... better, and another told me Satin because it is more durable and will wear better.

I guess I am just looking for some more opinions. We just want our paint job to have the best possible apearance for the longest time we can. Any and all opinions would be appreciated!!

Thanks !!

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Hi Classic,
Check your warranty carefully!!! A few now forbid oils.

Some now state that you have to prime with 100% Acrylic-LATEX primers...then two finish-coats OF 100% Acrylic LATEX paint.

Make SURE house is clean & dust-free B4 priming. This is a MUST.

Good luck,

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Hardiplank siding paints up real nice.

Make sure all caulking is complete.
Make sure all cut ends are primed where possible. Good installers prime every cut before installing.

No need to prime siding as hardiplank comes preprimed.

Flat tends to look the best when new but will get dirty quickly.

Satin is your best overall choice. Have them put on 2 coats for a paint job that will last a long time. I wouldn't put too much stock in the 'lifetime' claim. That is based on the average homeowner only staying in a particular house for 7 years. I have been using Duration since it came out, no complaints yet.

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Hope you'll go with the glossiest Duration paint available. We did in year 2000 on high-bid painter's advice. For first 6 months I thought it looked too shiny; then that gradually went away. We have done NOTHING to it since and it still looks freshly painted. So, if you plan to stay there awhile, it's the only way to go. We'll do the same on our new house which is still in the design phase.

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We put SW Superpaint Satin on preprimed HB 6 years ago and it looks like it was newly painted. And that's with sub zero to humid 90's weather. Not too shiny but better looking than a dull flat. We are getting ready to put HB on a lake cottage and plan to do satin again--probably will use the duration this time.

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Do you recommend pressure washing the hardyplank before painting

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