Painting exterior brick - what's realistic?

chris_ontMarch 13, 2011


I have a little brick-sided bungalow. It's been painted white for quite some time.

The paint is flaking off, in some places in rather large chunks, revealing a more yellowed white paint beneath.

I would imagine that, although I could scrape or blast off most of the loose flakes, it would just continue to flake.

Someone who has done quite a bit of painting said that, if done properly (removing old paint, priming, painting etc), it would probably be just as cost effective to get vinyl siding on the house (windows and soffits are fine)

A neighbour in a similar situation just routinely scrapes off the loose stuff and repaints with exterior latex. This then (I'm guessing) would have to be done every few years.

Cost-wise, is it true that even if I do the work myself, I'd end up paying a huge sum just in paint materials? (Considering that siding is done only once)


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A can of good exterior paint costs roughly $50 and covers about 400 square feet. You can do the math and call a local vinyl siding dealer for a comparison. But in my opinion, you would be reducing the value of your house by covering the brick with vinyl siding.

I would rather look at flaking paint than vinyl siding.

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Yeah, the person who suggested you get put vinyl siding on your house? Don't ever talk to them again - about anything.

Any cost savings you gain in the materials of the project you run the risk of losing in equity. There is nothing good about the words bungalow and vinyl together in the same sentence. Nothing.

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