Which type of primer to use on new T&G planks?

JbrigMarch 6, 2009

We are about to install tongue and groove (pine) beadboard planks in our small powder room. It will be painted. I know from reading here that I should backprime. The wood is primarily clear, but there are some planks w/ knots that we may have to use. Is there any need to prime and/or backprime everything w/ Zinnser BIN or can I just use the BIN spray primer over the knots and then go ahead w/ BM Fresh Start Acrylic primer? Or should I use something else besides the Fresh Start?

I will also need to spackle over these knotholes--after I prime (correct?). I have some DAP sandable/paintable spackling (the kind that goes from pink to white as it dries). Is that suitable or is there something else that would be better?


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You can probably get away with just spot priming the knots. Fresh Start is fine. I have never used the DAP spackling but not all things are sandable as marketed. I just use regular drywall mud after priming to fill holes, knots, flaws, etc. The DAP would be fine though as long as it is truly sandable.

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Thanks so much, paintguy. One more question... when I sand, what grit(s) should I use? And should all sanding be done before priming? (Ok, make that 2 questions :-) )

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I would use 150 grit or a fine/medium sanding block. Since the primer will raise the grain in the wood and make the surface rough, you will need to sand after primer no matter what. I would prime everything first, patch, sand and then apply finish coat.

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