Can I offset my cooktop?

five4meFebruary 10, 2013

Hi Everyone.. First I want to say thank you to everyone here at GW for the input I have received regarding ovens, layout and now sinks.. But I still find myself in a pickle and I am looking for input and ideas.

Here is what I have so far.

24 fridge only 24 freezer only
24" Smeg speed oven. I'll give it a whirl.
30" wolf under counter (e or l)
24" dw either Miele or Bosch 800
30" induction cooktop.
24" Gagg combi steamer
2 Sinks (Nantucket, Kraus) ?? was to be Ticor

This kitchen is on the smaller side with 2 cooks.. A galley of all things makes it more difficult. I think we have managed to create a design that will work for two but here a list of the issues I see and can't seem find the resolution to and would appreciate input.

1. The most recent design plan shows a window. I could lose it and may have to if I put the oven and cooktop in the new location. Which brings me to the subject of this post..
2. Can I offset a cooktop to be 1/2 over or maybe even 9" over the oven? If I can, I can keep 42" of counter space..
3. How much landing space do I need next to the steamer and above the oven? I show 21 now. It was more and could be if I flipped the design and have the oven next to the fridge? with the cooktop overlap over there? I'm not a fan of sticking hot things next to cold but thought I would ask. I would have a 21" landing by the fridge and 42 next to the steamer.. but only 21 over the oven.
5. If I put the oven in the new location will my dishwasher and oven butt doors? I wonder how often I would have them both open at the same time..
6. Do I need a 33" sink base for a 30" sink? Can I get away with a smaller sink and base? With the 2nd sink on the same run..
7. Do I need a ton of room on the side of the freezer under the speed oven? Is 30 too much?

1. I have included the most recent plan

2. A plan with the dishwasher and oven door causing a butting door issue?

3. A plan with the dw moved to the other side with a big landing/prep under the micro and freezer.. Do I need that?

4. A plan with the dw move to the other side with a smaller landing/prep under the micro.

I have not ordered cabinets and had the sinks picked out until Ticor bit the dust. With great input and research here at GW, I have narrowed the running to Krauss and Nantucket.

Thank you in advance for the input.

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Sophie Wheeler

Too much stuff and too many gadgety choices. Go back to basics. Jettison the separate freezer and fridge for a single 36" model. Jettison the separate cooktop and wall oven for a range.

I'm also not understanding the kitchen's relationship to the rest of the space or how you plan to use the second sink. It's not contributing any functionality to the kitchen or a second user as planned. Perhaps a larger drawing with the adjacent space without all of the gadgets in it could make that clear.

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I can see how it would be too many gadgets but in my own mind there is a ryhm and reason. Not to say it is the correct thing to do.

Two people working in a small Galley kitchen did not leave enough separate workspace/zones without separating the fridge and freezer.

My thought is to keep everything separate.. The raw dog food from the raw veggies and the raw meat for humans.

The area with the cooktop/oven and combi steamer are just for cooking with 42" of continuous counter space for prep. I would have gone with a range but hate the crumb collector it becomes along with the lack of good options for induction.

The opposite side allows for us to defrost the raw dog food in the micro/speed that is next to the freezer without having to walk across the kitchen with it. We have the main sink next to that again as not to have to walk around the kitchen with raw dog food and nasty hands.

The remaining area on the other side of the main sink is for DH to prep raw food/veggies etc with a veggie sink and not to have to wash veggies in a sink that had other misc stuff in it during the day if it was not rinsed out.

Will post a larger plan in a few moments.

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Here is a the original layout sans any items. The total is really 144 if I include fillers and panels.

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