Florida style?

patty_cakesFebruary 28, 2014

Very soft colors, which I think I could live with. And seashells, I do have a *small* collection.

Here is a link that might be useful: #3

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I have lived here since 1978 and can say that the article was written by someone with a dreamy "idea" on how people live here and decorate. I have friends who are wealthy and of average incomes. Pink houses went out in the eighties.

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jterrilynn, that is a perfect way of wording it (dreamy idea), and I felt the same about the New England and Beverly Hills lists.

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The funny thing is that excluding small pocket areas and some sections of Miami a lot of people are roaming around bumping into walls trying to figure out what to do with the huge Neo Classical furniture they spent hundreds of thousands on in the mid 2000's. Since the real estate boom and crash there is no bible of decorating to be copied. All the stuff with palm trees on it and the other trend of Tommy Bahama can be had for a song on craigslist.

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sad but true jterrilynn. I worked for many years at a to the trade only international mart and we had people waiting in line to buy all of that type of thing and it cost a fortune even at wholesale. It was so elaborate and ornate. We sales associates were living large back then only to be hit by a cold fish for several years now. So many vendors are gone that were at the top in those years.

I digress, most of the people I know who live at the beach have the same home we have anywhere. The pale furniture, glass and sherbet colors went out in the '80's as said above. What people want now is quality, well coordinated and well done furnishings. Even in rental condos in the beach areas if it doesn't have granite and travertine or some other nice tile in the kitchen and baths it doesn't rent nearly as fast or for as much. Stainless or black appliances in the kitchens as well. There isn't a style, it just has to be well done and good quality. They are getting big bucks for rentals and people are wanting to stay in something nicer than what they have at home since the only people who can travel now are probably coming from something nice, are older and are not into roughing it without these basics LOLâ¦!!!

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