Farrow & Ball paint

patty_cakesMarch 13, 2010

Since it's only available in a few states, and would need to be ordered, is it *really* worth it, and why? I recently read it has 30% more pigment(does that mean less coats?), and colors are 'muddied', not bright, which is what I lean toward. I'm considering the Stone Blue. I know it would it be easier to find a paint readily available, but give me *your* reasons for using it. TIA

Here is a link that might be useful: Stone Blue

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I just wrote a long response and lost it (gotta love Windows Vista). Yes, it's worth it, especially for the Estate Emulsion, the flattest finish. The gist of the post was that if you have the time you could visit the Austin Farrow and Ball showroom, Sitric House and Home.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sitric

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Thank you KD, there wasn't a location listed for Austin. Looks to be an interesting place, and I have a general idea of the area.

May have to get a sample! ;o)

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They do seem to be under the radar. I'll be interested to hear your reaction to Sitric. It looks like the do very careful work. They venture into the Hill Country frequently and have gone as far afield as the NOLA area for renovations. I know they had a client do a kitchen in Clunch and Pitch Blue last year.

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Our new cabinets painted in F&B just arrived and the finish is fantastic. I will painting the walls and trim with the same paint

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Lori A. Sawaya

30% more "pigment"??? Um, yeah, there's a lot of room for discussion as to what exactly the person who said that actually means -- or thinks it means.

However you want to qualify more pigment (pigment or more accurately colorant) doesn't do anything for hide. In fact in can be a detriment. Which is why the 30% more pigment may sound good, but when you get right down to it, it's probably not what they really want to say. But who knows what they are really trying to communicate by making that statement.

The last F&B order I placed for myself was Blue Ground for my office. And I absolutely think it's worth it because F&B finishes with a 'visual hand' that is truly unmatched by any other brand. And that includes Aura from BeM.

F&B is just in a league, niche all its own. Here's how it looks when it arrives:

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Earlier this spring, a lady came in and wanted 2 F&B colors matched (She had ordered samples)! She had them painted-out on heavy painting-paper, two coats. Without even touching the samples, I could tell they were different!
They had a soft/"Plastery" look and feel...VERY NEAT!
Quite unlike any regular paint I had seen...
I loved it immediately!

I mentioned to her that I can't re-create the "look" or "hand" of the color. Plus, I told her nothing I have is this level of quality...and we have C2!!

So, after discussing these issues, She still wanted to have the colors matched into C2 (I knew she didn't want to shell out the bigger $$ for F&B).

So I got to work....Her F&B colors were "Pointing" and "Sky Blue"???
I compared the C2 stored-library of F&B colors, and elected to do my own scans...and compared the two formulas. I always back-off on the darker colorants some, no matter what the scanner says...!

A d@mn good match for "Pointing".
After a couple tweaks, "Sky Blue" was VERY good.

She left happy!

Bottom-line: The "Look" of that F&B stuff was very neat! I've seen a lot of paint, and this was unique...


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I realize this thread is old, but I thought I'd comment anyway.

F&B paint does have a nice, flat "plastery" look (thanks, Faron, for the description). However, I have found that the paint, in actual application, is rather thin/watery, and takes a lot of coats to cover completely.

It's *very* expensive. When I calculated the cost of using it to paint all of my walls (astronomical!) versus how much of an actual difference I thought it would make, it lost *big time* for me. Because the truth is that once I get the furnishings and drapery in, I'm not concentrating on how velvety smooth or "subtle" my wall color is.

Seriously, the F&B wasn't THAT amazing. But depending on your budget, you might think it is. ;)

The fan deck, however, is amazing. It's worth purchasing just for the color descriptions!

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"...I have found that the paint, in actual application, is rather thin/watery, and takes a lot of coats to cover completely."

How odd. I have found exactly the opposite. I've used Blue Ground (ME), Teresa'a Green (EE), Red Earth (EE), Pale Powder (EE), and Radicchio (EE). The paint consistency has always been like pudding and it has provided excellent coverage with nearly no odor. This has been true of the approximately 20 sample pots that I've tried as well.

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Agree with you KD....like yoghurt! (That's the English spelling.) ;-)

The coverage is so good, I always have too much paint leftover, but that's better than running out.

KD, do you have a pic of the Radicchio you can post? I would love to see it....

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