Can I get away with this outdoor light with with house?

jterrilynnFebruary 5, 2014

This outdoor lighting shopping is killing me!
Since my exterior house paint picks are a big hit with all the neighbors (painting finished) I don't want to screw up with the exterior lighting and ruin all my hard work. However, as I'm pretty close to the ocean as the crow flies I don't want to spend much either as it's possible I could be gathering lighting bits from surrounding lawns after a storm every few years. So, I need a deal! The other problem is size, when I did a mock-up around 16" tall and about 10" wide looked best. And, I do not like white frosted glass or amber.
Would this work do you think?

While I don"t love the curve of the top it works with the mandatory cement tiles of the new roof.

Here is my mock-up of the look I"m going for (minus the bright white trim).

Is it ok?

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I think it's a nice fixture. In the mock up of the house they look a little oversized to me. That may just be the drawing, though.

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I like the style and the scale. They are a bit oversized, but they have a big ol' garage door to compete with, so I think they need to hold their own.

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I like the way the lines on your lights echo the windows. Very pretty!

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I certainly wouldn't go any smaller. They're very good looking and work with the house style just fine.

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I like it!

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It looks to me that the light you show is 13" high by 7" wide in real life. That's about the size of the lights I have on my garage, which is the same size as yours, and 13 x 7 looks appropriate to me.

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They look like they will work with your plan. Most people choose outdoor fixtures that are too small. Can they be returned if you open the box and hold them up to the house to confirm size?

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Hi Violet, thank you for your opinion I would rather be a tic too big than too small (like many are in the neighborhood : )

Lori, yes that is the main reason for the lights (garage door ugly) I needed to balance the window frame color over to the garage area as well.

Ftitz, Thank you!

Yayagal, Ok, with your like I think itâÂÂs a go! I was concerned about that fluted glass look but I think its ok.

Thank you Beth!

Suero, This light comes in three sizes this one is around 16 x 10. I did a blue tape mock-up on each side of garage door and liked this size best. Of course then I had a heck of a time finding something in that size that met the rest of my criteria.

Chispa, good point, I will make sure I order from a place that takes returns. About the sizeâ¦IâÂÂm with you on the too small of lights gig. There are quite a few homes in here that have microscopic exterior wall lights on each side of garage door and it looks silly.

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The fluted light is the part I like most about it.

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